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Chipmunks: How to get rid of chipmunks

Chipmunk FACTS: When you have too many, you know it. Cute...but they often become a pest.

Their holes in the yard can cause you lawsuits and huge medical bills after friends stumble and fall, they eat all your bird seed, attract snakes, fleas, and chew telephone and electrical wires and more.

This is how you deal with the chipmunk colony plague.

>>>> Select the easiest for you and your wallet<<<<


$20 to $50. Yes, these traps will catch them, but then you must relocate them. Because they are territorial, they will not be tolerated by the chipmunks at the new site and they will soon die at the new location.


$20 to $50. After they are caught, the chipmunks must be disposed a plastic bag and into the trash, or bury them.


All of these do not do the job because when a chipmunk senses danger, and they will seal that portion of the tunnel quickly.


If you can't handle the relocation or dead chipmunk bodies, let a professional pest control specialist or trapper do it for you. Look in your local phone directory for their contact phone numbers or visit their website on the internet to obtain their contact information.



Deer: How to get rid of them fast


























Deer are fun to watch...

but deer destroy new growth garden plants and other greens so fast...they are a bad garden pest.

But you already know it because you are at this yard and garden pest control site.

So here are your choices to deal with deer.

>>>>Select the easiest for you and your wallet<<<

SHOOT THE DEER: It stops the problem, but be certain it is legal and safe to do it.


  • Put smelly stuff on plants: Soaps, rotten eggs, lots of other kinds sold in stores locally.
  • Nearby areas: Your urine on rags, bags of human hair often do the trick.

FENCE THE DEER OUT: Deer can jump over a 6 ft fence but not 8 ft.

  • Cover your plants with netting: This can stop the deer's ability to graze.
  • Permanent fencing: Make it tall, use wire, but this can be ugly and expensive. Visit a local fence dealer to get a quote or do it yourself.
  • Temporary plastic fencing: A less expensive option that can be removed, comes in many color options, and is easy to put up and take down. Buy it locally.
  • Get an electric fence and bait it: Electrify your fence. Put peanut butter on it to attracts them. Then the deer's nose gets zapped, and the deer learn to stay away.
  • Hide your fence along the wood line: If the fence is hidden in the trees, your yard won't look so bad and the deer will be kept out. This is the winning tactic used by  homeowners with big expensive homes to keep the deer from their expensive ornamental shrubs.


  • Use wireless fencing: A buried electric dog fence lets dogs chase the deer out but the dog stays in your yard.
  • Use penned animals: A pig pen nearby is often effective.
  • Use tethered animals: Dogs tied at the end of the garden will keep deer at bay.


  • Cannons shooting, a radio blaring, a motion detector sprinkler turning on and scaring them with spraying water, strobe lights, sirens, but your neighbor may not be happy about it. These items and other alternatives are available locally as well as on the internet.

STOP FEEDING THE DEER:....if you want the deer gone.

BUY PROFESSIONAL SERVICE TO GET RID OF DEER: If you are unable or unwilling to solve this deer problem yourself, locate a local professional pest control specialist in the phone directory or get contact information from any of the internet pest control websites.



Fire Ants: How to kill those nasty ants





























As you probably learned recently, their sting hurts really bad and fire ants even kill some people and cause nasty infections in others.

TO WIN, YOU MUST GO TO WAR. These are some facts.

They are also known as Red Ants; Tropical Fire Ants; aka-kami-ari; wash foot ants; fierce ants...and there are about 280 different kinds, so don't bother staying up tonight worrying about which kind you have.

They usually build easily seen mounds in open areas, but they can build under anything and also move indoors when they find an opportunity.


>>> Select the easiest for you and your wallet<<<


  • BOILING WATER: Pour it on the mound repeatedly
  • Lye Mix: Pour it on the mound.
  • Boric Acid with peanut butter or sugar or syrup: Pour it on the mound.
  • Flooding: It works but the fire ants will float to a dry location and dig in again (but in your neighbors yard).
  • Introduce them to each other: They are territorial. A shovel of ants from one mound, placed on another mound and vice versa, and they will fight each other to the death we are told.
  • Non toxic : There are organic nontoxic products available to kill fire ants. You can buy these locally.

CHEMICALS...Buy it, and the instructions will say apply it in one of three ways as well as warn you what not to do.

  • Around the mound...close to it or broadcast all over a large area.
  • On the mound...right on the top.
  • Drench the mounds...soak it good.

These products are available locally.

BUT NO GASOLINE...It is illegal and dangerous and seeps into your groundwater.

BUY PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: If you are unable or unwilling to solve this pest problem yourself, locate a local pest control specialist in your phone book. You can also get contact information from any of the internet pest control web sites.

IF ALL ELSE FAILS...CEMENT YOUR ENTIRE YARD...the permanent solution (but you could move away and leave them for whoever buys your house)