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Cats: How to get rid of a cat from next door

Raccoons: How to stop or get rid of raccoons.


You know them when you see a raccoon.
Ringed tail and black mask, the size of a small dog, but strong and smart as they are a member of the bear family.

Raccoons do their eating a night, sleep anywhere during the day, and (impress your friends with this fact) raccoons do not eat tomatoes.

Raccoons raid garbage cans, tear up newly planted lawns, raid poultry coops, defend threats to their young, and raccoons are fun to watch and feed and eat those expensive pretty koi fish in your pond.

Just kidding because raccoons got the fish in our pond last winter.

Raccoons sleep in any available burrow or dark place like in your chimney, under your porch or attic. Raccoons can climb up and down almost anything to reach food or a sleeping place.

When you have had it with the raccoon visits..and you have fed them house food so long they start to demand a new menu, these are your pest control choices.


  • Cover your chimney top with a screen
  • Screen in entry areas on the roof, eaves, under porches and decks
  • Put covers that lock on your garbage cans
  • Trim tree branches that raccoons use to jump to your roof
  • Prevent lawn damage by controlling the grubs under the lawn with organic or toxic insecticides available locally
  • Repel them with radio noise, mothballs, and electric fences

IS THE MASKED INVADER REALLY THERE: Put flour on the ground or entry path to his sleeping den and look for the tracks to determine if your home is his home.


    • There is no federally approved poison to use for control.
  • Live traps... Bait with bacon, dry cat food, fish, or whatever they are dining on in your yard.
  • Release them 10 to 15 miles or more away or you will see them again. Or kill them in the live trap by shooting or drowning.
  • Hunting and trapping seasons are also effective but check your local regulations as you may be required to have a license both on and off season.
  • If you live near a highway, the cars may solve your problem. Many many raccoons are killed crossing the road because the other side always has better food, lodging, and a new mate.
  • BE CAREFUL: Rabies is a real problem with raccoons. They carry it, they infect others, and if they are acting weird, probably have it.




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