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Alligators: How to get rid of an alligator fast

Alligator_rips_fishing_net There are two kinds of alligators.

First, the good kind that you never see and you know it is not close by.

And, the bad ones including that one outside right now that you want to know how to get rid of.

Alligators are pests when they lurk in your yard, pond, or anywhere close enough to you or your livelihood, such as when they tear up fishing nets to eat those fish you were catching to feed your family.

Or like that woman in Florida who returned home to find on in her kitchen, not a good thing.

If they are not in places that we want them to be (a back yard near the kids swings), or the alligators are not costing us money...they are great fun, ugly but great to look at and a wonderful source of revenue from tourists.

But...back to the one in your yard.

How to kill a alligator: Don't. Call a trapper.

How to get rid of an alligator: Call a trapper.

How to stop a alligator: Don't. Get away from it and call a trapper.

How to trap an alligator: Don't try it. Call a trapper.

Organic pest control. That term really doesn't apply. Call a trapper.

House pest. Yard pest. Farm pest, maybe.

If you have one that is bothering you, then call a trapper.

There is only one choice with alligators.
Call a professional alligator trapper.

Look in your phone book, call your local police department, or do a search on the internet.


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