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Fox: 10 best ways to get rid of fox


How to get rid of a fox is what this is about.

But let us comment about a bit of history for you before we talk about pest control.
As we grew up the the fox drew our attention.
We saw fox in the cartoons on television, Wily. Crafty. Sleek.
We were told stories where the fox were always heading for the hen house or foul pens to steal goslings (see picture), lambs, pheasant, grouse, rabbits, and chickens and eggs from the farmer.
We saw pictures where fox were chased by hunters on horses across farmland.
And we saw models wearing fox fur stoles in fashion advertisements.
So fox have been integrated into our lives for many years.

This tells us that the fox has been both good and bad for humans and humans have been both good and bad for the fox.

In  their pest role, the fox has cost farmers thousands of dollars in lost lambs, foul and their eggs. Hence the fox has long been a pest to be controlled by the farmers.

In urban areas, fox are guilty of killing pet cats and rabbits, making many a child cry for hours over their loss.

So how does one prevent foxes from being a pest when around you?

  • Fence the fox out of your yard, hen house, garden or whatever he is getting into.
  • Scare the fox away with a dog...a big dog...not one the fox will chase.
  • Deter fox with odor. Repellents can be purchased for this approach.

But if you have fox that won't go away and he is a pest...

  • Trap the fox: Once caught, you probably will not be allowed by your local laws to relocate the fox to the wild. If not, dispatch the fox humanely or call a animal control officer to do it for you.
  • Poison the fox: Hard to do without endangering other wildlife and pets, but it can be done.
  • Shoot the fox. If necessary, do it safely and legally. The most efficient is to blind the fox with a light a night and dispatch the fox easily.
  • If you don't have the stomach to do the above, call a professional to do it.


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