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Crickets: How to get rid of Noisy Crickets Fast


Crickets have many names.

The cricket on the hearth; House Cricket; Mole Cricket;Field Cricket; Brown Cricket; Camel Cricket; Jerusalem Cricket; Tree Cricket; Mormon Cricket; Corn Cricket; Cave Cricket; Spider Cricket.

All  are insects with the unique feature of enormous back legs and the ability to drive you crazy with noise.
They are considered good luck by many and are even kept as pets and are eaten dry roasted by others of us.
Outside the noise is not to bad.

But inside your house...the continuous chirping will drive you up a wall.

In the fall, crickets invade your house looking for a warm place to spend for the winter...and therein lies the problem.

PROBLEMS: Not just noise, but they eat almost anything. They just love the glue on the back of your wallpaper and will eat it and your wallpaper at the same time.

Most of the crickets do not live in your house except the cave and spider cricket who can live in your ground level crawl spaces. So to prevent them you have to primarily treat the spaces outdoor where they thrive.

They crave moisture so the areas to treat are under your air conditioner, at the gutter downspouts, in pine straw or wood chips...anywhere where algae and mold can grow. Tall grass, flower beds, leaf and grass clipping piles are other examples.

STICKY TRAP CRICKETS: You can buy glue traps designed specifically for catching crickets. Just toss them in the trash when you have your quota.

BUILD YOUR OWN TRAP: Fill a jar or small can with a molasses and water mix. Place it where it won't get knocked over. The crickets jump in to eat the brew and they drown. No more noise and it didn't cost a dime. Or use them as fishing bait, dead or alive.

ORGANIC CONTROL: There are organic products available like orange oil and diatomaceous earth based control agents to use.

CHEMICAL CONTROL: Apply insecticide granules, spray or dust outside and sprays inside. Just follow the instructions on the label.

YES, HERE IS A RECIPE FOR DRY ROASTED CRICKETS: If you are the daring type who wants to eat them, a interesting recipe for dry roasted crickets can be found at www.nyworms.com/roastedcrickets.htm