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Man Puts Maggots In His Mouth

Maggots...Gone Now...So Easy

This is what you could do to get rid of maggots...right now.

There are many other things you can do that will rid your life of these stomach upsetting ugly moving masses of maggots.

Burn the maggots. Douse them or drop them in the fire.

Squish the maggots. A hero does it between their fingers... but you can step on them or crush them between two pieces of napkin or be creative...but cautious.

Drown the maggots. Flush them down the toilet.

Freeze the maggots. Seal em in a plastic bag. Put them in your freezer...or into the trash receptacle.

How To Put Maggots On Fishing Hook



Feed the maggots to chickens or guinea hens or use them as bait and catch some fish.

Eat the maggots. People fry them and eat them but we don't know anybody who admits to it except the guy in the picture that eats them live.

His Leg Is Covered With Crawling Maggots





Sell the maggots. Some medical experts use them to eat the dead flesh out of a wound. Yuk.

BOTTOM LINE. You could eat them but we won't.





Bugs in Kitchen

After years of helping everyone with their pest control or pest infestation problems, we want to share these top reasons why you probably have a pest problem...causing you to need to get rid of pests fast.

A pest infestation or a single bug.

It doesn't matter.

These are the reasons you have them and need to kill them or learn quickly how to get rid of that pest.

1. FOOD: All pests need food just like us or you will die or move elsewhere to find it. So remove the food source for the pests...maggots...palmetto bugs...stink bugs... or coyotes... yes any pest...and...the pest goes away very quickly.

2. WATER: All pests also need water to live. So the answer is the same as food...remove it and the pest will die or go elsewhere. Either solves your problem.

3. SECURE HOUSING: All pests need to have a secure place to sleep, live, eat, and do their dirty. That home can be under a leaf, in a crack, under your garage, in your attic or in a hole in your yard. So block or eliminate their home and they go elsewhere.

4. A MESS: Pests love a mess because it means the host (you)...really are not worried about whether or not new residents (pests) will find a wonderful new place to live. The mess can be uncut grass, clothes on the floor, piles of books...you get the idea. The pests hide and do their thing. Take away that mess by cleaning up for example...and the pests have to look elsewhere for their next condominium.

5. NOT HAVING YOU AROUND: Pests are really happy when you are away. If you go on vacation, or don't go in the garage for awhile, or check the attic or cellar once in a while, the pests jump with joy because no one will bother them as they eat, or poop, or whatever...all over your property.

What pests don't like is you walking around making them adjust or hide or run away into the woods or make themselves scarce because you have intruded into their world.

Really quite simple...isn't it.


Rare Photos of Pests


EDUCATION: Pictures can teach you a lot.
Check us out.

If you spend a little time visiting our website, you will discover many photos of pests of all kinds in "living color."

Pests do strange things. Pests do crazy things. Pests do cute things. Pests drive us crazy.

What we do is publish those unique and unusal or excedingly graphic picture for you to enjoy. Feel free to share them with your friends, or students, or just keep them to yourself.


Maggot Control Free

OMG...See the maggots in your trash can

If you have maggots in your trash bin like above, or
If you have maggots in a wound on your pet, or
If you have maggots in a child's stuffed toy, or
If you have maggots in food in your kitchen closet, or

Maggots Eating A Dead Oppossum

If you have maggots anywhere else...
(except in a package or bag you purchased to use for fishing bait or that you bought to clean out a wound as the Dr. prescribed)...

you need to read on and visit our other pages about:

how to get rid of maggots,
how to kill maggots, and
how to prevent maggots.


See The Maggots Up Close

You have a serious situation to deal with...as soon as possible.


Why pet cats disappear

There are many reasons why a cat disappears...hit by a car...killed by a cat hater...just plain died naturally while sleeping in the woods...but there is another reason that happens more often than people are aware.

Cats are a delicacy to the animal known as a fisher or pekan.

He certainly looks harmless.



Fisher Cat Sleeping In a tree