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Ants: OMG It was not pepper on the pizza!

The terrible story affecting thousands of people...goes like this.

Most microwaves are installed high over the stove and are not easy to look deep inside.

Most of us just slide in our food, close the door, and turn on the timer.

When the buzzer sounds, we reach up, open the door, and pull out the pizza slice or whatever we cooked, and eat it at lunch or dinner or as a snack.

That means you served dead cooked ants to your kids, their friends, or worst yet your spouse and maybe your closest friends.


QUESTION: Can you look deep inside? Have you avoided cleaning the microwave because you cannot reach it?

  Eating Ants for Rx 300x250


So day after day, month after month, many of us never look deep inside the microwave.


Here is the problem. Food bits fall or boil off the plates and lay there creating an awesome picnic lunch for ants.

When the first ant finds the food, he sends back a message to his relatives...FREE FOOD...Come on down. Free food for them all in a safe protected area.

Yes...you are providing free food for every ant nearby...in your kitchen

And soon the ants come in through the vent holes in the back...and more ants come...and, even more ants come, quickly establishing their home inside the walls of your microwave.

 And as they are feasting behind that closed door, you are reheating leftovers for your family and friends.

Think back a bit. The kids ate that pizza or the leftover lunch plate...ants and all.

OMG. It wasn't pepper on the pizza.

But you can feel good that only some of the ants died while on your food while it was cooking.

Some died, but not all of them, because:

  • The fact is that ants are not easily killed by the microwaves that bounce around in the microwave during the heating cycle.
  • Because microwaves bounce from here to there as they heat your food, they miss (do not hit) every place inside the microwave.
  • That means there are dead spots where ants will not be killed.

Time to clean that microwave is now.

CLEAN right now. And put some ant traps nearby to help.

FYI. All pests need food and water to live. If you take either or both away from them, they quickly move on...to stay alive.

BUT BEWARE: After you clean, the ones you can not kill will be on their way somewhere else in your house, like a kids bedroom where they took that pizza slice and soda and just left it laying around or tossed it in a wastebasket that never gets emptied. That will assure you of having maggots, ants, roaches, and heaven knows what else.

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