ABC's: Free Pest Control and More

When does a bug, animal, or snake become a pest?

You know it when it happens...

"when you have had enough" or "you are fed up to here."

There are many ways to solve your pest problem and they follow these general categories.


  • USE MAINTENANCE ROUTINES: Cut the lawn and weeds religiously; remove brush piles, rubbish, rock piles...that is...deny the pest a habitat and food supply opportunity.
  • USE ANIMALS: Get a dog or cat or introduce a bug or insect or predator to control a pest.
  • USE FENCING: Use a fence to keep the pest in or out as warranted.
  • Use natural organically labeled pest control products.


  • DECOYS: Owls, herons, alligators, scarecrows, the list could go on and on.
  • SOUNDS: Sonic (you hear it), ultra sonic (only the pest hears it), bird-in-distress sounds, blasts from cannon and firecrackers, a strategy that neighbors often hate.
  • LIGHTS: Strobe, flood, colors.
  • MOTIONS: Mylar or Painted balloons, metallic hanging tape, vibrations passing underground.
  • TEXTURES: Gels that are sticky upon foot contact, bird spikes that prevent roosting, are examples.
  • TASTE: Applications to grass or food pellets that when eaten taste bad to the pest.


  • DUST: Dust is hand sprinkled or mechanically distributed to repel or kill the pest.
  • LIQUID: Liquid is sprayed or poured to repel or kill the pest.
  • POWDER: Granule of various sizes are distributed to repel or kill the pest.


  • LIVE TRAPS: Box like in which the pest(s) enter and cannot get out till you want them out.
  • KILL TRAPS: Spikes, choking, crushing, drowning, are some of the approaches used by traps. 
  • LEG HOLD and SNARE TRAPS: They detain the pest till you arrive.
  • GLUE TRAPS: When the pest arrives on the trap surface, he gets stuck until you remove him or bag him and the trap into the trash.


  • WHEN IT WORKS: If a pests normally travels when hunting for their food, they have a chance of survival after relocation.
  • WHEN IT DOESN'T WORK: Territorial animals won't take a stranger in or a predator kills them so quickly that the relocated animal does not have a chance to survive. (However you feel good because you relocated the pest instead of killing it outright.)


  • ALLOWED MAYBE: During hunting seasons often yes, some all of the time, but the key is to know and follow your local laws as to what a property owner or professional can and cannot do when he has a pest.
  • NEVER ALLOWED: Migratory birds for example...killing them is never legal under Federal Law.



SandBox: Deadly Spiders and more Hide There

Is there a deadly spider in this sandbox? Look see.


Your innocent looking child's sandbox in the back yard can harbor some very bad events.
Each year children are surprised when they pick up a toy left in the sandbox, and they get bitten by a spider. And in some cases, it is a very serious bite.

Because the black widow spider loves to hide in a quiet dark place, and that is exactly what the sandbox presents...even with the cover on it because the covers never seal the sandbox, they just lay on top leaving many access holes around the edges.
It is accessible to the black widow spider because it is low to the ground and the kids toys are full of small crevices where the black widow and maybe even brown recluses can spin their web to catch their prey.

Covers on sandboxes help if you have one, but they must fit very tight and most do not...and many are never even placed over the sandbox.

So, you MUST inspect every toy that is in a sandbox before your child is allowed to play.
Why...this is must inspect a sandbox.

  • CAT URINE and FECES: Your neighbors cat will use the sandbox as their personal toilet if you left the cover off the box. Get that stuff out of there before those brown jewels from the cat find their way into your children's mouth.
  • INSECTS: If you gave your child a snack to eat the last time they played in the sandbox, they undoubtedly dropped some crumbs into the sand. The crumbs are food for insects of all types like roaches who will find it and eat it. Ants will be everywhere and as soon as your child sits down to play, they will start to scream from the ants biting them. Get those ants out of there before they play.
  • BLACK WIDOW SPIDERS: As we reported above, the sandbox is one of the very small black widow spiders favorite places to build their webs. When your child picks up a toy with the black widow spider hidden on it, they brush against the black widow, and the black widow bites your child...and that is very very bad. You must inspect the sandbox and pick up and look at every single toy...for spiders, black widows, brown recluses, and all the other spiders who can be there...even though they are not as poisonous as the black widow....because they still bite.
  • SCORPIONS: These little nasty creatures can hide in the sandbox as well. Scorpions sting and if you don't want your kids to get better check that sandbox before they begin their play.
  • WASPS: Sandboxes left unused for a long period can be inviting to a wasp as a place to safely build their nest. If they do, the nest will be attached to a toy or the loose fitting cover and it will be very obvious to you that wasps are there, but not to a young child. So inspect that sandbox BEFORE your child gets to prevent massive stings and the urgent trip for medical care.




Bugs in Kitchen

After years of helping everyone with their pest control or pest infestation problems, we want to share these top reasons why you probably have a pest problem...causing you to need to get rid of pests fast.

A pest infestation or a single bug.

It doesn't matter.

These are the reasons you have them and need to kill them or learn quickly how to get rid of that pest.

1. FOOD: All pests need food just like us or you will die or move elsewhere to find it. So remove the food source for the pests...maggots...palmetto bugs...stink bugs... or coyotes... yes any pest...and...the pest goes away very quickly.

2. WATER: All pests also need water to live. So the answer is the same as food...remove it and the pest will die or go elsewhere. Either solves your problem.

3. SECURE HOUSING: All pests need to have a secure place to sleep, live, eat, and do their dirty. That home can be under a leaf, in a crack, under your garage, in your attic or in a hole in your yard. So block or eliminate their home and they go elsewhere.

4. A MESS: Pests love a mess because it means the host (you)...really are not worried about whether or not new residents (pests) will find a wonderful new place to live. The mess can be uncut grass, clothes on the floor, piles of get the idea. The pests hide and do their thing. Take away that mess by cleaning up for example...and the pests have to look elsewhere for their next condominium.

5. NOT HAVING YOU AROUND: Pests are really happy when you are away. If you go on vacation, or don't go in the garage for awhile, or check the attic or cellar once in a while, the pests jump with joy because no one will bother them as they eat, or poop, or whatever...all over your property.

What pests don't like is you walking around making them adjust or hide or run away into the woods or make themselves scarce because you have intruded into their world.

Really quite simple...isn't it.


Rare Photos of Pests


EDUCATION: Pictures can teach you a lot.
Check us out.

If you spend a little time visiting our website, you will discover many photos of pests of all kinds in "living color."

Pests do strange things. Pests do crazy things. Pests do cute things. Pests drive us crazy.

What we do is publish those unique and unusal or excedingly graphic picture for you to enjoy. Feel free to share them with your friends, or students, or just keep them to yourself.


Pest Dead: Does your house smell

Bad Smell in House
If you are someone who cleans and does a good job, that eliminates a mess or rotten fruit as the then you probably have a dead critter somewhere inside.Dead rat in Attic

The bad smell could come from a skunk under the floor or bat or rat or mouse or bird between the walls or in the ceiling or attic...and the list of possibilities goes on.Skunk odor

So what do you do about the bad smell or odor in the house?

Mask the odor with a spray.
Call someone else and ask them to find the source.
Call a pest professional to solve the problem.

Ceiling Hole Then you must figure out how the animal got in there and close the hole in the screen, or the cracks in the foundation or whatever it takes.