Fire Ants: How to kill those nasty ants





























As you probably learned recently, their sting hurts really bad and fire ants even kill some people and cause nasty infections in others.

TO WIN, YOU MUST GO TO WAR. These are some facts.

They are also known as Red Ants; Tropical Fire Ants; aka-kami-ari; wash foot ants; fierce ants...and there are about 280 different kinds, so don't bother staying up tonight worrying about which kind you have.

They usually build easily seen mounds in open areas, but they can build under anything and also move indoors when they find an opportunity.


>>> Select the easiest for you and your wallet<<<


  • BOILING WATER: Pour it on the mound repeatedly
  • Lye Mix: Pour it on the mound.
  • Boric Acid with peanut butter or sugar or syrup: Pour it on the mound.
  • Flooding: It works but the fire ants will float to a dry location and dig in again (but in your neighbors yard).
  • Introduce them to each other: They are territorial. A shovel of ants from one mound, placed on another mound and vice versa, and they will fight each other to the death we are told.
  • Non toxic : There are organic nontoxic products available to kill fire ants. You can buy these locally.

CHEMICALS...Buy it, and the instructions will say apply it in one of three ways as well as warn you what not to do.

  • Around the mound...close to it or broadcast all over a large area.
  • On the mound...right on the top.
  • Drench the mounds...soak it good.

These products are available locally.

BUT NO GASOLINE...It is illegal and dangerous and seeps into your groundwater.

BUY PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: If you are unable or unwilling to solve this pest problem yourself, locate a local pest control specialist in your phone book. You can also get contact information from any of the internet pest control web sites.

IF ALL ELSE FAILS...CEMENT YOUR ENTIRE YARD...the permanent solution (but you could move away and leave them for whoever buys your house)



Ants: How to get them out of your life


You see ants everywhere...inside, outside... but then suddenly...when an ant was the last thing on your mind, an ant goes parading or flying across in front of you, maybe heading for that plate of food you just set down for a minute. Ants and flying ants just seem to always show up and give us the jitters.

And no matter how much you want to never see one again... you will.

But control is possible and how much control you your decision.


  • DO: Remove all of the food and water sources that ants need (well, as much as you can).
  • DO: (NO COST TIP) When you see ants marching in a line, vacuum them up, and wash the area with soap and water, or insecticidal soap and water, window cleaning spray...the key is to remove the ant odor trail so that other scouting ants can not follow it.
  • DO: Treat the outside perimeter of your foundation with an insecticide and you will hit a home run in ant prevention. Ants travel long distances for food and water but around your home usually nest just outside in the ground. Insecticides both toxic and organic are available on the internet and some local stores.
  • DO: (NO COST TIP) Outside your home, look for branches, plants, anything that can serve as a bridge for them to get inside. You might be surprised at what they will use for their army to enter your house. So, trim it, pull it, just fix it so they can't use it any more.
  • DO: (NO COST TIP) Seal as many cracks and crevices as you can with caulk or Vaseline to prevent ants from entering.
  • WARNING: Pay special attention to the food preparation or storage areas and seal cracks where ants can enter and raid your food stuffs.
  • DO: Obtain a spray or liquid insecticide product and use it regularly. However be aware that you cannot buy it in the strengths that a licensed professional can, and therefore the effectiveness of the application will not last as long as a professional treatment. Check in your local phone directory or on internet web sites for professional services and products.
  • TIP: (NO COST TIP) Other preventions reported recently as effective for ants and flying ants include applying mixtures of honey and boric acid, sage and pepper, apple slices, mothballs, a chalk line on the floor, cucumber peels, mixtures with neem oil and orange extracts.
  • Many of these are available in retail ant control products. Ivory soap, Windex, and food grade diatomacious earth, dusting ants with baby powder, vinegar sprayed, cinnamon, bay mint, peppermint oil, cloves, are also found throughout the natural preventive products lists. The lists are long as everyone has their own secret way to tell the ants to begone.
  • Plants on the list include tansy, southernwood, penny royal, and spearmint. Do all of these work? We don't know. But since other people have reported they work, it can't hurt to try.


  • Those little cans have been available everywhere forever, so give them a try for ants and flying ants. There are other  competing retail versions that use peanut butter as bait in boxes, also effective.
  • Commercial baits both toxic and organic come in all versions, liquid, gel, and powder. Its your call which one is your best solution. All of these are available on the internet or a local store.

REMEMBER: Ants are looking for food and water. So cleanliness is the primary key to their control.

Deny them food and they will go somewhere else.

Ants do not relocate overnight, but in a few days they will be gone...eating at the new fast food restaurant they discovered.

Flying Ants: How to get rid of flying

Flying ants. Winged ants. Swarmers. Swarming ants.

That is what we call them when, after a few days of rain, these flying ants suddenly appear inside the house swarming around a light or a window or on the walls outside the house or at the top of a mountain.

The reality is they have been kicked out of their colony...sent out to mate and die. The queen emerges looking to mate, loses her wings quickly, and drops to the ground to try to start a new colony.

By the end of the day, both ants or termites lose their wings and expire.

This swarming happens so regular that it the swarming event is known as Flying Ant Day or Flant Day in some places.
So what are these flying ants? Are they ants or are they termites.
Could be either an ant or a termite.
But you can tell the difference with these observations.

Flying Ants:Ant_termite_comparison

  • 3 part body
  • a pinched waist
  • bent antennae
  • its probably summer

Flying Termites:

  • 2 part body
  • a broad or no waist
  • straight antennae
  • its probably spring

Do you have a problem? Maybe yes. Maybe no.

  • If the swarm came to the side walls outside your house, no problem. Just vacuum up their wings and remains.
  • If the swarm came from within your house, maybe you have a termite problem that you must deal with right away. Catch 1 or 2, figure out whether the winged insect is an ant or a termite and you must take action if it is a termite. CLICK HERE FOR WHAT YOU SHOULD DO.

How to stop an ant column

So you have ants marching in a column into your house. Thousands of ants.

Maybe millions of ants.

The ants are climbing the foundation wall or are crossing the sidewalk...thousands of ants anxiously heading for your home to find their food and water.

See ants marching in a column across the floor and water. humans have to have food and water.

One ant explores and finds the crumbs the kids dropped on the floor and then tells the colony that he found a new fast food restaurant. The ants then start their journey and that is the column of ants that you see.

You can step on them, but other ants will just take their place.

You can pour hot water on them but other ants will just take their place.

The answer is to find the food and water the ants need

and remove it so the ants can't get it.

And in a day or two the ants go elsewhere.


Got ants? Do this.

How to get rid of Ants.
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Brown ants. Black ants.

Ants_1 Pretty ants (No way...except to its mother)
Ants in a line. Ants marching. Ants crawling.
Biting ants. Ants up your butt.
No matter what you call them...

they are ants and you want to get rid of them.

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