TIGER MOSQUITO: Alert : How to get rid of them alert

Look closely at the Asian Tiger Mosquito...it is a mean one.


Got a bird bath? Yes...Standing water...tiger mosquitoes love it.


Old tires in your yard? Yes...standing water...mosquito breeding heaven.


How about those flower pots? Yes... standing water...tiger mosquito breeding area...you are asking for trouble.


All of these standing water containers are the place for the tiger mosquito and other mosquitoes to breed and do you in...with very bad diseases like West Nile and more.

Did you know the Asian Tiger Mosquito arrived from Japan in a shipment of tires?

Did you know the Asian Tiger Mosquito has a single white stripe down its back?

Did you know the Asian Tiger Mosquito has a whole bunch of black and white stripes on his or her body?

And the way it works is so simple. The 3/16 inch long Asian Tiger Mosquito is hungry, finds you, then bites you and you are his meal and then he kindly may leave you with a disease that you really do not want to have.

See who hungry mosquitoes ate for lunch

So how to get rid of the Asian Tiger mosquito or any mosquito for free is to change your standing water often. Change the standing water so they do not have a place to breed and grow.

Or if you want to spend some money to get rid of the Asian Tiger Mosquito, call in a pest control specialist to spray, tip and refill your bird bath, empty those rain barrel tires and any other containers they see.

But how you fight the tiger mosquito is your call and your wallet.

No standing water nearby. Dump it out. That is the FREE way to fight and stop the Asian tiger invasion.