Bats: How to get rid of bats



Annoyed by bats squeaking and scratching?

Tired of the piles of droppings everywhere and that stinky urine smell that never goes away?Bat Dropping in Attic

Bats do have a good side. Bats are great cause they eat thousand of those nasty mosquitoes every night...but...enough is have odors and piles of bat goop.

Time to do something important...which is...


  • certain to block it up tight AFTER they are gone, otherwise after the bats die, they rot, and that will really super stink up your house.
  • To close the bat entry (bat ways), hang plastic netting, fastened only at the top, so the bats can fall down and out, but can't get back in. They don't chew, so the netting works.Bats In Your Attic
  • When the bats are all gone for their nightly feast, plug up the holes...with nets, caulking, boards or whatever blocks (leave no small cracks) their entrance/exit...and do it before the first light of dawn (this is probably where all these vampire-must be back to bed before dawn-movies came from).


  • Aerosol sprays used to repel dogs and cats will work for awhile.
  • Hang those silver Mylar balloons that shimmy and shake and upset their sonar echos.
  • Purchase sonic or ultrasonic devices advertised to drive them away. Try internet web sites because these devices are rarely available locally.
  • There are some commercial benzine based liquids available for deterring them but they will also be found on the internet, not locally.
  • Fact: Poisoning them is absolutely illegal. No further comment on this subject. You are on your own.
  • It won't help many of you, but they quickly die if the temperature drops to 32 degrees.



TRAPPING and RELOCATION: This is a waste of time because of their "homing pigeon" like ability to find their way back to their hang out at your place.



Got Bats? Do this.

How to get rid of Fruit bats free. Blood suckers.
Creatures of the night.
Hair grabbers.
Silent swoopers. Guano farmers.

Harmless bats? Looks mean to me.

No matter what you call them...

they are bats and you want to get rid of these bats.

How to get rid of bats? How to kill bats?
How to get rid of bats for free?
How to pay a lot to get rid of bats?
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