Canadian Geese: Help. Make them go away!

Canadian_geese Canadian geese honk and honk and honk.

They leave piles of bird droppings everywhere and that stuff burns my grass.

The geese eat my lawn.

They won't leave no matter how much I chase them.

Sound familiar? That is probably why we have your attention on this page.

So how do you get rid of Canada geese? A combination of solutions is the trick with this pest.


  • Keep them moving with a dog or other pet that likes to chase them. On golf courses and airports they use trained dogs like herding sheepdogs to chase them off.
  • If you could figure out how to get a fox out of the hen house and to your lawn area, he could dine on your geese and help you control the birds. But we have no suggestions on how to do it.
  • Let your lawn grow. They are grazing birds, so every time you cut the lawn, you offer them a new gourmet meal. Yup...not cutting that beautiful lawn is one organic control thing you could do.
  • Stop feeding them corn or whatever. Plant a crop they don't like. Hand feeding is a no no.
  • Fence them out so they can't get to and from your pond. It will help with the control. Or, you can put a horizontal fence over your area or pond using wires, string or similar materials so that they have trouble coming in for a landing so they likely will go elsewhere.
  • Purchase a taste deterrent made to repel geese. It tastes bad (a grape like taste), and no one likes to eat food that tastes bad, not even Canadian geese. Many of the large turf growers use this solution to the problem, but be warned, it is expensive. These products are available on the internet.
  • Purchase a sticky deterrent designed for bird repelling. Using a caulking gun, the gel like stuff is put where they walk. They are not happy when their feet stick to this stuff and they move on.
  • Purchase a sound deterrent. Ultra sonic blasts move some of them along, sometimes. Also available are sound systems that mimic the call of a bird in distress. Some of these devices can be found locally but in most cases from the internet.
  • Scarecrows: (LOW COST TIP) Place a fake person, dog, coyote, where they hang out, but move it often if you want it to work. Balloons and hanging shiny tape also have been used successfully in some locations.
  • Have a professional apply a fog contact repellent directly on the geese if legal where you a are. Contact with professional pest control specialists can be initiated by a review of your local phone book or a search of web sites on the internet.


  • Trap the geese (usually pretty easy) and relocate them. But to where? They fly. And fly back. So not a good choice we think.
  • Kill the geese. Hunters during their season do this and it does help, but only a little bit. Is it legal for you to dispatch them? Canada geese are protected under federal and state law as migratory birds, so know the law before you shoot or poison them before or after trapping them.



Got Canada Geese? Do this.

No matter what you think about Canada geese...
there are too many. They leave too much goose manure.

They make to much noise. They fly into airplane engines and the plane has to ditch into the Hudson River.


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