Crazy Ants eat Fire Ants

Hairy Crazy Ants. Rasberry Crazy Ants. Caribbean Crazy Ants.

Crazy ants are nasty ants whose only good value is they eat fire ants.

They have no other good qualities.

Crazy ants live in moist places, not in piles of dirt like fire ants. Crazy ants have a really bad attribute that makes the crazy ant a true pest control bad guy.


When one crazy ant dies, he sets off an odor that he is in trouble and millions more come running to his rescue. That rescue effort blocks holes and pipes, seals gutters, does serious damage that can cost you lots of money, or you out of your house as the crazy ants destroy the walls of your home.

How to get rid of the crazy ant without spending your bucks? Run away. We can only offer that the crazy ant is so bad that the only way to get rid of the crazy ant for free is for you to move quickly away from them.

Exterminators can apply a monthly pesticide to keep them at bay but you have to spend a lot to get their services because the pesticide chemicals are new to pest control and unique to obtain.

Sorry, there is no good DIY news on this problem.