Carpenter Ants: I've got them. What do I do?

Carpenter_ant Carpenter ants don't have hammers, nails and saws and little tool belts like Bob the Builder.

But carpenter ants, when you see them, make you think that they will do house damage like a termite. Actually, they don't eat wood like a termite, they just tunnel in it (not as bad structurally as a termite, but nevertheless minor bad).

Carpenter ants do their nesting, usually where the wood is moist from that water leak you never got around to fixing. They also tunnel in foam insulation which this writer can attest to, because he had a huge infestation in his house in New Jersey.

Black carpenter ants are about a 1/2 long, a dull black, do not sting and do their thing at night...but you do see them in the daylight as well. Termites on the other hand, will never be seen and they are white.

Carpenter ants, like other ants need food and water and if you eliminate these, the ants move on. And they do it in a long line...commonly called a "ant highway." We have all seen that highway with hundreds and hundreds of ants marching in their parade across your floor or patio.


  • Good maintainance routine is the secret: Keep plants, bushes trees from touching the house, fix those water leaks, clean up spills, etc. Visit our page explaining the control of little "normal brown ants" for additional information on dealing with any type ant using either chemical or organic controls.
  • Vacuum them up into that bag and toss the bag in the trash.
  • Use granular, gel, or sticky baits (traps) designed for carpenter ants which you can buy locally or on the internet.
  • DO NOT USE FIRE ANT or baits designed for other will be wasting your money if you do.
  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: If you are unable to solve the pest problem, contact your local pest control specialist. These specialists are listed in the phone directory or can be contacted from information on their websites on the internet.

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