Cats: How to get rid of a cat from next door


































If you are reading this, you have probably reached the point where a cat or cats have become pests.

They have peed and dug in your garden, or sprayed stinky urine on your porch or screen door or crawl space under the house, or are stalking your birds at the bird bath or feeders.

So what can you do?

TALK TO YOUR NEIGHBORS ABOUT THEIR CAT: They may be able to keep their cat in or leashed. Give it a try at the least.

GET A DOG: Cats will stay away from dogs. Problem solved.


  • Liquids and powder products usually made of fox or coyote urine are available.
  • Motion activated water sprayers or light or sound  displays often scare the cats out of the area.


  • A blast from a hose, or a kids pump squirt gun sends them running.
  • Scarecrows? Some folk say they scare cats. We aren't so sure.
  • (LOW COST TIP) Bury chicken wire just under the ground. Cats like it when it is easy to dig, and that wire stops them and moves them on.
  • Remedies such as grapefruit, lemon rinds and coffee grounds are used sometimes.
  • A soaked rag or two of human urine is touted by farmers as an effective tool.
  • Cayenne pepper powder scattered on the area is also reported effective.


  • Live traps for cats.


DO NOT shoot, gas, drown, or poison a cat. It may be illegal in your town.

Instead, take the cat to the local humane society or animal pound.



SandBox: Deadly Spiders and more Hide There

Is there a deadly spider in this sandbox? Look see.


Your innocent looking child's sandbox in the back yard can harbor some very bad events.
Each year children are surprised when they pick up a toy left in the sandbox, and they get bitten by a spider. And in some cases, it is a very serious bite.

Because the black widow spider loves to hide in a quiet dark place, and that is exactly what the sandbox presents...even with the cover on it because the covers never seal the sandbox, they just lay on top leaving many access holes around the edges.
It is accessible to the black widow spider because it is low to the ground and the kids toys are full of small crevices where the black widow and maybe even brown recluses can spin their web to catch their prey.

Covers on sandboxes help if you have one, but they must fit very tight and most do not...and many are never even placed over the sandbox.

So, you MUST inspect every toy that is in a sandbox before your child is allowed to play.
Why...this is must inspect a sandbox.

  • CAT URINE and FECES: Your neighbors cat will use the sandbox as their personal toilet if you left the cover off the box. Get that stuff out of there before those brown jewels from the cat find their way into your children's mouth.
  • INSECTS: If you gave your child a snack to eat the last time they played in the sandbox, they undoubtedly dropped some crumbs into the sand. The crumbs are food for insects of all types like roaches who will find it and eat it. Ants will be everywhere and as soon as your child sits down to play, they will start to scream from the ants biting them. Get those ants out of there before they play.
  • BLACK WIDOW SPIDERS: As we reported above, the sandbox is one of the very small black widow spiders favorite places to build their webs. When your child picks up a toy with the black widow spider hidden on it, they brush against the black widow, and the black widow bites your child...and that is very very bad. You must inspect the sandbox and pick up and look at every single toy...for spiders, black widows, brown recluses, and all the other spiders who can be there...even though they are not as poisonous as the black widow....because they still bite.
  • SCORPIONS: These little nasty creatures can hide in the sandbox as well. Scorpions sting and if you don't want your kids to get better check that sandbox before they begin their play.
  • WASPS: Sandboxes left unused for a long period can be inviting to a wasp as a place to safely build their nest. If they do, the nest will be attached to a toy or the loose fitting cover and it will be very obvious to you that wasps are there, but not to a young child. So inspect that sandbox BEFORE your child gets to prevent massive stings and the urgent trip for medical care.



Why pet cats disappear

There are many reasons why a cat disappears...hit by a car...killed by a cat hater...just plain died naturally while sleeping in the woods...but there is another reason that happens more often than people are aware.

Cats are a delicacy to the animal known as a fisher or pekan.

He certainly looks harmless.



Fisher Cat Sleeping In a tree

Why your dog didn't come home

There are many reasons why your dog disappeared. Or why your cat disappeared.

Dogs run away...and dogs are hit by a car...but there is another reason that most people do not consider.


Coyotes will hide and...well they get your dog or cat.
Want to learn more?

Coyotes Eating Out

Got cat problems? Do this.

Some of you think....

Kitty. It is their pet cat. Cats are cute...never bad.

but there are others who think...

Cat urine smells. Kitty digs and buries stuff. Cats kill birds.

Cats bring fleas into the house and create a real world flea market.

Cat Scratching Fleas

No matter what you think about cats...
they can be problems some times.

If the cat is a problem,

you may want to get rid of any nearby cats.

Cat Jailed for being Cats

How to get rid of cats? How to kill cats...hmmmm?
How to get rid of cats for free?
How to pay a lot to get rid of cats?

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