SandBox: Deadly Spiders and more Hide There

Is there a deadly spider in this sandbox? Look see.


Your innocent looking child's sandbox in the back yard can harbor some very bad events.
Each year children are surprised when they pick up a toy left in the sandbox, and they get bitten by a spider. And in some cases, it is a very serious bite.

Because the black widow spider loves to hide in a quiet dark place, and that is exactly what the sandbox presents...even with the cover on it because the covers never seal the sandbox, they just lay on top leaving many access holes around the edges.
It is accessible to the black widow spider because it is low to the ground and the kids toys are full of small crevices where the black widow and maybe even brown recluses can spin their web to catch their prey.

Covers on sandboxes help if you have one, but they must fit very tight and most do not...and many are never even placed over the sandbox.

So, you MUST inspect every toy that is in a sandbox before your child is allowed to play.
Why...this is must inspect a sandbox.

  • CAT URINE and FECES: Your neighbors cat will use the sandbox as their personal toilet if you left the cover off the box. Get that stuff out of there before those brown jewels from the cat find their way into your children's mouth.
  • INSECTS: If you gave your child a snack to eat the last time they played in the sandbox, they undoubtedly dropped some crumbs into the sand. The crumbs are food for insects of all types like roaches who will find it and eat it. Ants will be everywhere and as soon as your child sits down to play, they will start to scream from the ants biting them. Get those ants out of there before they play.
  • BLACK WIDOW SPIDERS: As we reported above, the sandbox is one of the very small black widow spiders favorite places to build their webs. When your child picks up a toy with the black widow spider hidden on it, they brush against the black widow, and the black widow bites your child...and that is very very bad. You must inspect the sandbox and pick up and look at every single toy...for spiders, black widows, brown recluses, and all the other spiders who can be there...even though they are not as poisonous as the black widow....because they still bite.
  • SCORPIONS: These little nasty creatures can hide in the sandbox as well. Scorpions sting and if you don't want your kids to get better check that sandbox before they begin their play.
  • WASPS: Sandboxes left unused for a long period can be inviting to a wasp as a place to safely build their nest. If they do, the nest will be attached to a toy or the loose fitting cover and it will be very obvious to you that wasps are there, but not to a young child. So inspect that sandbox BEFORE your child gets to prevent massive stings and the urgent trip for medical care.



Got Roaches? Do this.

Roaches. Cockroaches. Palmetto bugs.

They are all roaches and need to go bye bye.

Your Roach in Living Color

So you need to get rid of the roaches in your kitchen?

How to get rid of roaches? How to kill cockroaches?
How to get rid of palmetto bugs for free?
How to pay a lot to get rid of roaches?

Your choice.

You are at the worlds leading web site
that tells you the many ways to get rid of pests...including the roach and his family



Just click on NEXT

and then
click on cockroaches.

It is that easy.

Cockroaches: Turn on the light...Watch them run


Cockroaches are sneaky...they try to hide using other names. How to get rid of Palmetto Bugs...or How to get rid of Waterbugs...American cockroaches or German or whatever Cockroachs. The differences between waterbugs and cockroaches and the others are just different brands of roaches. For our purposes of eliminating cockroaches, that is what this page is about, so that is what we will discuss.

Palmetto Bug Climb Stairs Because they all live and die the same way...we use that fact to solve the problem and get rid of them.

Cockroaches are active a night, searching for food and water and beer. Yes cockroaches love their beer. Put some beer out for the roaches and watch.

Just tip toe into your kitchen or go near your uncovered garbage container...suddenly turn on the light...and you will see many cockroaches running for cover...but only if you have these home pests.

To see them at night is bad, but if you see them during the are in deep trouble...because that means you have hundreds of them hiding that you can't see, PLUS the cockroaches that you do see.

Sorry to inform you, but you have so many hungry cockroaches needing food and water (and a few looking for beer), that some of the cockroaches are staying awake to search for the food and water... and they must find it during the daylight hours.

Palmetto Bug on the Deck Did you know that small children are very sensitive to cockroaches and a lot of people get asthma from roaches? Asthma. Right. So roaches have to give those folks with asthma one less thing to be allergic to.

WHAT DO YOU DO TO PREVENT COCKROACHES: The facts. Cockroaches enter your house, look around, and then stay because the food and water was easy to find.

If you eliminate that food and water, they will leave or starve or dehydrate trying to find it.

This means that good sanitation prevails in the kitchen and food preparation areas. It also means...clean up all food spills no matter how small...including the teenagers bedroom.

And you need to fix all those pesky leaky water faucets. Don't leave pet bowls on the floor. No dirty dishes left overnight in the sink. Caulk and seal cracks and crevices everywhere you can find them.

These are your TRAPPING or ELIMINATION CHOICES to clean them out quickly:

>>> Select the Easiest for You and your wallet <<<

  • Dusting Powders: Apply insecticide in basements and under roofs to eliminate cockroaches. Other powders that are effective are silica or diatomaceous earth (garden strength). These are available to you quickly from internet web sites or at a local store.
  • Residual sprays: These insecticide sprays leave a toxic film that is effective for a long time. These too are quickly available from internet pest control web sites and some local stores.
  • Nonresidual sprays: These kill on contact. There are many brands quickly available on the internet as well as at a few local stores. Follow the instructions for the best and fastest results. You do want the cockroaches gone quickly!
  • Flushing spray: These sprays are designed to irritate the cockroaches and bring them out of their crevices into the open so you can take action. They are also instantly available from internet web sites or from local pest control dealers.
  • Parasitic Wasps: Used in non-residential buildings and gardens and farms with great success to kill cockroaches, these little wasps are likely not easily available to you locally but you can purchase them here.
  • Live Trapping with Glue Traps: You can buy sticky traps that use a pheromone odor (a roach sex scent) to attract roaches to the trap. Sticky stuff on the trap holds the cockroaches firm so they can not leave the trap. When you have enough roaches on the trap, put the trap and roaches in a plastic bag and put it in the trash. Easy. Easy. In fact, these traps are what the professionals use in restaurant kitchens.
  • FREE: Make Your Own Trap: You can make your own cockroach trap with a glass jar. Put 2 inches of Vaseline on the inside rim so they can't climb out. Bait the cockroaches with fresh apple or potato slices in the bottom. Dump the lucky ones out of the jar and into hot soapy water to kill them. Will it catch as many as a retail trap, probably not.
  • Baiting with Commercial Products: Locally or over the internet, you can buy commercial toxic chemical gel baits that contain growth inhibitors that take some time to act. They are eaten, then excreted, and that excretion with a minute amount of the poison is eaten by another cockroach and so on...and the colony is killed. Or, you can buy commercial non toxic organic pest control products easily on the internet or to your pest control problem.
  • FREE...Baiting with Home Made Baits: You can make your own baits by combining peanut butter and boric acid. Boric acid is very effective but it is very slow acting.
  • Professional Services: If you are unable or unwilling to resolve your pest problem yourself, get contact information from a pest control products website on the internet. That professional will eliminate the cockroaches for you for a fee.