Ticks: How to get rid of ticks




That is the secret.
Tick_1 The sneaky blood thirsty wood ticks or dog ticks and other types of ticks hang out in tall grasses and shrubs waiting for you or your dog or cat to pass close by.

Then they grab on for a ride and crawl to a warm moist place on your body to suck your blood.

Not a good thing because some ticks like deer ticks transmit Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever.


  • Do the organic thing. We repeat...Keep your lawn and grasses short. That is the key.
  • Or get a guinea fowl... they are a ticks worse enemy. They will clean a field of every tick in just a few days.
  • Hire a exterminator to use a controlled chemical like Damminix that impacts their life cycle. A professional pest control specialist may be listed in your phone directory or their contact information is available from web sites on the internet.
  • Spray areas with a insecticide with DEET or a similar chemical that is rated for ticks.
  • (NO COST TIP) It is reported that ticks and garlic don't mix and that the ticks will move from a garlic treated area to your neighbors yard.



Deer Ticks: How to get rid of

See the deer tick...Tiny but very bad for your health

(Mark Wilson/Boston Globe)

Deer ticks or black legged ticks or bear tick or the lone star ticks are very small, about the size of a poppy seed. About 1/2 the size of a dog tick also known as the wood tick. You can easily see a dog tick but not the others.

  • These tiny ticks are the ones that carry Lyme Disease that you hear so much about.
  • These tiny ticks crawl, they do not jump, or fly.
  • They sit on grass or low brush and wait for you to come by them and brush against them.

How do you get rid of deer ticks?

  • Keep your yard or area mowed and clean of brush and leave piles.
  • Trim your wooded trails so that overhanging brush is eliminated.

How do you prevent deer ticks from attaching to you?

  • Tuck pants into socks. Wear light colors so you can maybe see them crawling on you. Use DEET or other repellent. Do not brush against brush while walking on trails.

How do you get rid of a deer tick feeding on your blood?

  • Remove ticks AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and use tweezers. You are advised not to use nail polish, Vaseline, or lit matches as they may cause the deer tick to regurgitate its contents where the Lyme Disease bacteria reside. Grasp the tick on its head close to the skin and pull slowly and firmly.               Disinfect the area.



Got deer ticks? Do this.


Lyme disease. Dog ticks. Deer ticks.
Brown legged ticks.
All are the same and similar
and a serious problem because they are so small
you have trouble seeing them.
But you need to.

Ticks that you need to worry about

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