Coyote or Dog? 16 Amazing differences here.

See the Coyote crossing the road

A coyote or was it a dog running across the road in front of your car. The dog or coyote, disappeared into the brush as you approached. You pet cat has not been seen in the last few days yet the food dish is empty each morning.. Did the neighbors pet dog take it or do you have coyotes in the yard?

Many wonder what is going on so close to their house...and... if they do see a coyote... would they know the difference...between a coyote and a dog.

  • Coyotes are the size of a small German Shepard dog, 3-5 feet long, head to tail.
  • Coyote tails may reach 18 inches long, often black tipped.
  • Coyotes weigh 35-50 pounds, like a medium sized dog.
  • Coyotes have long thin legs.
  • Coyotes have very shaggy fur, yellowish to dark brown/grey, almost black.
  • Coyotes have slanted yellow eyes unlike most dogs.
  • Coyotes have large pointed ears with white insides, the ears looking bigger than most dogs.
  • Coyotes carry their bushy tail drooped down not up like most dogs...up...tail.
  • Coyotes are very shy, similar to the shyest dog.
  • Coyotes are most active at night unlike dogs.
  • Coyotes are very clever and trick their prey or hide from you.
  • Coyotes are scavengers that eat anything including roadkill. Dogs don't eat berries, bugs, etc.
  • Coyotes kill prey by grabbing the throat, not pulling the prey down like dogs.
  • Coyotes eat the internals of their prey, unlike dogs who tear the externals.
  • Coyotes walk in almost perfect in-line steps, unlike dogs.
  • Coyote tracks are about 15 inches long, a dog track is about 12 inches.


Why your dog didn't come home

There are many reasons why your dog disappeared. Or why your cat disappeared.

Dogs run away...and dogs are hit by a car...but there is another reason that most people do not consider.


Coyotes will hide and...well they get your dog or cat.
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Coyotes Eating Out

Got dogs? Do this.

Stray dogs roaming your yard?
Packs of dogs attacking your dog?
Runners and joggers attacked by dog?
How to get rid of the dogs?
How to kill the dogs (hmmm)?

Dog in packs roaming the streets
How to get rid of the dogs for free?
How to pay a lot to get rid of the wild dogs?

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Dogs: Top 26 ways to get rid of a dog pest

Dogs are great pets, friends, pals, who dedicate themselves to responding to human needs.



BUT...sometimes dogs do things that we humans won't tolerate. Such as:

  • When the neighbors Jack Russell terrier digs holes in your lawn.
  • When your neighbors dog leaves his droppings on your lawn.
  • When the neighbors dog sprays and marks every bush you have as his own.
  • When a wild dog or wild dogs attack and kill your pet(s) and frightens your kids and you worry for their safety.
  • When a dog rips up your garden for fun or while chasing your cat.
  • When a dog chases the deer you are feeding.
  • And the worst case, when that barking dog next door never stops barking.

Then even the cutest dog or cat can become a pest, and you need to do something about it. How to get rid of a dog or how to stop a dog or how to repel a dog...that is what this is about.

Here are 26 techniques, some organic and natural, some are not. We have listed things you may want to consider that others have used successfully...but be or the dogs owner won't like all of these suggestions, but like it or not, they are the basic options you must consider.



1. DIY. Call your neighbor and ask them to control their dog and wait to see if they will. This is the best option, is free, and you can do it yourself.

2. DIY. Clap your hands and yell to scare the dog each time it arrives.

3. Purchase a boat signal air horn for about $10 and blast it at the dog. They are very loud, very portable, and can be pointed directly at the dog's ears. Pest control using a sonic blast.

4. Give the dog a bad taste. Purchase a pest control product that deters by giving the dog a unacceptable usually bitter taste when he chews or smells his next target. These products are either liquid to spray or granules to put around and are available on the internet.

5. Purchase a motion sensing scarecrow to spray water at the dog each time it arrives.

6. Purchase a directional sonic shock wave and/or strobe or visual dog repelling device that the dog will activate and send the dog running away. Available sometimes locally or on the internet.

7. (LOW COST TIP) Spread a dog repellent along your property line or garden or both.

8. Get a nastier or bigger dog of your own.

9. Put up a fence around your property.

10. Pay your neighbor to put an invisible below ground electric fence on their property that gives a dog a shock if he crosses over it. This is the top dog pest solution used nationwide.

11. Complain to the police. If a second time is needed, consider filing a complaint with them stating your need for a dog pest solution.

12. Call the dog catcher or pest control officer or a company that specializes in wild dog control and other type wild animal trapping.

13. Trap the dog. Purchase a live trap and bait it with canned dog food. After trapping the dog, take the dog to the local humane society. Do not relocate the dog to a remote area. Traps can be quickly purchased on the internet and delivered quickly.


14. Shoot the dog. The choice of last resort, which if done, must be done safely. Shooting ranges from a pellet or BB type gun to sting the dog and scare it or possibly to a firearm that will dispose of the pest.


15. Call your neighbor and ask them to control their dog and wait to see if they will stop the barking dog from barking. For example, could they put the dog inside the house when they are absent? Then call again later...politely, and wait again.

16. Email your neighbor. Send them a note asking for their cooperation to stop the barking.

17. Print the above article regarding "stop dog barks" and put it in the neighbors mailbox along with a kind note requesting they address the never ending barking.

18. Bribe the dog. Give him some treats only when he is not barking. Tell him no when he barks.

19. Shame the dog's owners. Video the dog barking and submit it to You Tube. Be certain to include the owners email if possible so that they are included in any responses. Perhaps this will cause them to take the initiative to stop the dogs from barking.

20. Give your neighbor a dog neck collar training device and the batteries for it on their anniversary with a card that says...Please. "We need some quiet next door".

21. Or you could give them a muzzle to use on the dog.

22. Tape record the barking with date, time, and duration and give a copy of that recording to your neighbor and ask them to remedy the barking problem.

23. Spray (shoot) the dog with a water gun or hose. Not to kill the dog but to scare or upset the dog and associate the "hit" with the barking. Best done when the neighbors left the dog outside and you are dead certain they are not home.

24. Call the police. Explain the problem. Ask if there any ordinances that are being violated such as sound or  health or an unlicensed kennel ordinances, and can a violation citation be issued. If not, could the officer talk to the dogs owners on your behalf.

25. Consult an attorney. Perhaps a warning about civil litigation, or other remedies could help resolve the barking.

Last...Item #26...we even hate to suggest it...

....but you just might have to move away.