Fire Ants: How to kill those nasty ants





























As you probably learned recently, their sting hurts really bad and fire ants even kill some people and cause nasty infections in others.

TO WIN, YOU MUST GO TO WAR. These are some facts.

They are also known as Red Ants; Tropical Fire Ants; aka-kami-ari; wash foot ants; fierce ants...and there are about 280 different kinds, so don't bother staying up tonight worrying about which kind you have.

They usually build easily seen mounds in open areas, but they can build under anything and also move indoors when they find an opportunity.


>>> Select the easiest for you and your wallet<<<


  • BOILING WATER: Pour it on the mound repeatedly
  • Lye Mix: Pour it on the mound.
  • Boric Acid with peanut butter or sugar or syrup: Pour it on the mound.
  • Flooding: It works but the fire ants will float to a dry location and dig in again (but in your neighbors yard).
  • Introduce them to each other: They are territorial. A shovel of ants from one mound, placed on another mound and vice versa, and they will fight each other to the death we are told.
  • Non toxic : There are organic nontoxic products available to kill fire ants. You can buy these locally.

CHEMICALS...Buy it, and the instructions will say apply it in one of three ways as well as warn you what not to do.

  • Around the mound...close to it or broadcast all over a large area.
  • On the mound...right on the top.
  • Drench the mounds...soak it good.

These products are available locally.

BUT NO GASOLINE...It is illegal and dangerous and seeps into your groundwater.

BUY PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: If you are unable or unwilling to solve this pest problem yourself, locate a local pest control specialist in your phone book. You can also get contact information from any of the internet pest control web sites.

IF ALL ELSE FAILS...CEMENT YOUR ENTIRE YARD...the permanent solution (but you could move away and leave them for whoever buys your house)



Fire Ants: Got New Mounds

Fire ant mound...Better respect these ants...or pay the price

The fact is, fire ants live deep underground enjoying their home, called the colony year round.

The temperature and the moisture level is just right for every day living...while up at ground level, here in the south, it is is hot and not fun to go out and look for food. In essence they stay indoors and enjoy the air conditioning.

But then the rains come... which lowers the temperature and changes the humidity and that is the signal...time for every fire ant worth their salt to do something...starting as soon as the rain stops...on behalf of the colony...that is build a new "nursery for the kids".

So the fire ants all together build...and then move the queen and her eggs upward into areas in these brand new mounds which function as a new "nursery" with just the right amount of heat and humidity.

If you stomp or cut the top off the new mound and stand back to prevent getting one or more of those nasty bites, you can watch as gazillions of fire ants come out quickly to protect their new mound and its queen and little ones. You can watch the fire ants grab the eggs and move them underground away from that bad person that attacked their home and their renovated nursery.

ITS PEST CONTROL TIME: This is the time for you to deliver the killer stuff...if you want...because they are most likely to pick up your toxic bait and deliver it to the food storage area... where every fire ant in the colony feeds daily.



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