Fisher: How to get rid of a fisher (from eating your pet cats)

Fisher_on_bird_feeder Photo Copyright by Daniel M. Keefe


Fishers, also known as fisher-cats and Pekans, are members of the marten family.

Fishers are about the size of a big house cat, are fast runners, climb trees, quickly, and weigh about 15 pounds.

Fisher Cat Sleeping In a tree Fishers live, sleep and den very high up in trees, often higher than 50 feet. They scream and it sounds just like a child screaming with a problem. They are very quick and can climb trees with lightening speed and agility.

Fishers normally do not eat fish. But they do have a favorite menu.

  • 1. Porcupines
  • 2. House cats and small pet dogs
  • 3. Penned chickens and ducks
  • 4. Wild turkey
  • 5. Any other small mammal when a Fisher is starving.

Fishers are vicious. Fishers are the only mammal with a defined killing technique.
They jump around and over their victim until the victim tires, then repeatedly scratch its nose and face as it bleeds to death and then they eat the victim.
In the case of porcupines, they flip it on its back and then tear open its belly, thus avoiding those sharp quills.

The bottom line is
...if you have a lot of porcupine in your area, the fishers will move in to dine on them. As the porcupines are eaten, the fishers turn to house cats supplement the shortage of porcupines, and when the porcupines are essentially gone, the fishers move on to a new area.

So how do you prevent fisher attacks on pets?
That is how do you get rid of a fisher?

  • Keep your pets indoors.
  • Fence your poultry in...including the roof of the pen.
  • Get a Big Big dog.
  • Lights, sounds, noise helps but is not a solid solution to deterring them.
  • Repel fishers with a commercial odor repellent that uses the urine of their natural predators.

If you have a fisher that has camped on your property and removal is in order...

  • Poison? Don't bother. It won't work.
  • Trapping the fisher. This works but then what do you do with it but destroy it. This part is more complicated as fishers are generally protected. Check your local laws. Perhaps your local control officer will take it and euthanize it for you.
  • Shoot the fisher: Fischer hunting is often allowed during certain seasons with special permits. Check your local laws. A fisher hide still has a little value, but not like years ago when its high value led to the decimation of the fisher across the country which prompted a long period of total protection for the fisher from the government.



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Why pet cats disappear

There are many reasons why a cat disappears...hit by a car...killed by a cat hater...just plain died naturally while sleeping in the woods...but there is another reason that happens more often than people are aware.

Cats are a delicacy to the animal known as a fisher or pekan.

He certainly looks harmless.



Fisher Cat Sleeping In a tree

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Got Fisher Cats? Do this.




Look up in a tree for the fisher cat sleeping in.
Is your house cat missing?
Are there dead belly up porcupines laying around?
If have a fisher cat problem.

Fisher cat defending his kill

How to get rid of a fisher for free?

You can pay a lot to get rid of a fisher cat or Pekan?

Your choice.

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