Maggots: How to get rid of maggots fast


A fly maggot or magots or magets is the common name of the larvae of flies like blowflies and screwworms and often use to describe the maggot larvae stage of any bug like insect or insects including beetle bugs. You are familiar with the related (?) terms...slipknot maggot and maggot brain or maggot in head. Sorry but we had to say it.

Check out the maggot picture above (maggots eating flesh in the leg wound of a pet cat) that makes maggot photo identification easy for you.

Familiar? Ugly? Very upsetting? Yes. Maggots are bad...usually.


Where do maggots come from? What are maggots? How do you get rid of maggots? How to kill maggots?

The maggot pests are usually a white rice looking bad pest, except in a few instances which you will read about below.

House pets (maggots on dogs or maggots on cats for example) and farm animals (maggots on sheep) and even humans can get severe maggot infestations producing myiasis or myasis from the great number of flies like the blowfly and the blowfly maggot especially in the summer time. When a maggots life cycle starts, it takes only 8-20 hours to grow and the host is infested with hundreds of magots.

Places like garbage cans, dead animals, rotten food, are breeding grounds for maggots and maggot flies. It may take 8–20 hours for big maggots to grow and severely do their infested thing...a very fast maggot life cycle that starts over again quickly when the maget become adult filth flies. So you can see that maggot control is the same as pest control and is a must do.

  • You can prevent garbage maggot infestation by sealing garbage, using a kitchen garbage disposal, freezing garbage until you throw it out, killing those flies (see our advice on fly control page). You really do not want garbage maggots in your food.
  • Killing maggots is not too hard. PESTICIDE CONTROL: Over the counter fly sprays containing PERMETHRIN, powders and other commercial insecticide products do it very efficiently. Also brake cleaner, lice shampoo, hair spray, furniture cleaners, etc. ORGANIC NATURAL CONTROL: Boiling water, sprinkle salt on them, use chickens to eat them or drown maggots or step on them. A professional exterminator will also eliminate the maggots for you for  a fee.


Maggots flesh-eating can clean nasty wounds. The FDA regulates maggots as medical devices for prescription wound care. Maggot treatment. Right.

Believe it or not, you can buy maggots who are confined in a little tea bag like container to place on a wound which they cannot escape from. Wow. Larval therapy or Maggot therapy. But read the insert.

  • "Beware: Medical Maggots may try to escape from the dressing, especially when maggot debridement of all necrotic tissue is finished or when they are satiated (finished eating). Medical Maggots should not be used on more than one patient, nor allowed to wander away from their host patient."


Yes you can...Well you can. We won't. Maggot cheese? Maggot stuffed? Ugh.


Yes, you can. Many fisherman do and swear by them. Maggot fishing. You need to try it.



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