Fruit Flies: 9 things you MUST DO to get rid of them

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Fruit flies. They are tiny helicopters that circle around your fruit.

You see fruit flies mostly at the end of summer hovering around your ripe fruits and vegetables, as well as those empty cans of soda and beer, moving over and over toward any lights that you turn on.

So you have them, or want to prevent them. These are the most important things you can do.

1.  Improve your sanitation routines especially related to food preparation scraps. The littlest pieces are big stuff to fruit flies.

2.  Put all fruits and vegetables in containers when not being eaten. Stop their access to their "fast food".

3.  Throw away all empty containers of beer, soda and juice or put the cans in a covered container if you are holding them for recycling.

4.  Cover all garbage containers in the house. Stopping them from getting into the container is really important.

5.  Install or repair all door and window screens. Deny them easy entry.

6.  Fix all leaking faucets or seals. They need water, don't give it to them.

7.  Trap fruit flies. If you see them, put out fruit fly traps immediately to kill them before they can create new ones.

8.  Spray directly on them for a quick kill. To get rid of the ones you can see as fast as possible, use a aerosol can of direct kill insect spray that is approved for indoor use available from a local store or from a internet website.

9.  Spray or fog the area for long term prevention. To keep their re occurrence at the absolute minimum, obtain and spray or fog an insecticide that has a residual effect up to 30 days and is approved for inside use.These sprays and foggers are available locally or on internet websites.

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