OMG...Maggots in our kids bedroom


Courtesy of Kristi's Public Gallery

Is it possible to rid a teens bedroom of leftover pizza crumbs, not yet empty curdled yogurt cups, and soda spills, spills, and spills?

Probably not. Teenagers rooms are known for their messy conditions.

These leftovers in a teens room are a gourmet fast food restaurant for those icky things every Mom calls pests.

The pests are roaches, spiders, ants, and mice, as well as other zombie like creatures like maggots that crawl around at night and feast quietly and unseen on those tasty symbols of teenage ignorance of the relationship of cause and effect.

So how do you prevent this nightly parade of pests that stream out of the shadows to gorge themselves without fear in a teens bedroom?

  • Short Term Attack: Get your teenager to clean the bedroom. Not so easy. If you can...great. You are a super mom. But most of you will not.
  • SHOW AND TELL...A Longer Term Attack: Sneak into the teen bedroom, hide a glue trap (a yellow sticky trap from WalMart), and after some of these pests are caught, show your teenager the results. They will quickly realize they are not alone and will see who else is sleeping over in their bedroom each night. And maybe, just maybe, your teens will see the light and clean up the mess...and even keep their bedroom clean for more than 2 days. Not much of a chance but you can pray.
  • Or try them a few live wriggling maggots...and tell them maggots love left over pizza and stuff and hide under the piles in their room...a colorful story or a book works best.

Lets take a "time out" for a few facts.

The solution to getting rid of these type of teen room pests, is to take away their food and water.

When you do that, the pests move somewhere else to live, play, and eat. Perhaps to your brothers room for a pay back, or out of the house so that mom, dad, and grammy are much happier.

OK...for most of you reading this...both of the approaches suggested above probably didn't work.

So still have mice, ants, roaches, and whatever in that teen bedroom and you still have to get rid of those freeloaders living in the teen bedroom.

  • If you are an organic minded Mom...find the pest listed in the categories, click it and you will learn how to get rid of the pest in a natural non chemical manner.
  • If you are into chemical pesticide solutions...your next step is: the same as above. Click on your pest in the Category list and you will also learn what insecticides are available to do the get rid of thing.

The final chapter. Days later.

Your pest control attack worked or your pest control didn't work.

We tried. You tried.

It is now time to take action and win the war.

If you can get into their bedroom without creating the "Perfect Storm" of it...and clean up the leftovers, but only the food leftovers.

We are not suggesting that you do a major realignment of your teenagers lifestyle, because none of us wants to wear that cross that our teens would lay upon us for violating their sanctity.

We are suggesting that you only do enough to get rid of the common "bad bugs" who are hanging out in their bedroom eating without any fear of being caught.

Now if you discover bed bugs, lice, rats, or snakes, or something is time to be firm and just do it now no matter what arguments the teens make. Banish these bad pests from your house at any cost.

If you take a few moments and explore our web site, you will discover how to get rid of these pests....the editors (who have been through this challenge years ago all's your turn and you will get through it).