Ladybugs: Thousands inside my house. Help!


Ladybugs outside the house are wonderful beetles...doing a great job of pest control on aphids on your plants. They eat up to 50 aphids a day.

Ladybugs inside the house are pests...They winter in tiny cracks and crevices and in the walls and when they emerge, they move toward the warmth-which is the inside of your have thousands.

Outside the house they are eaten by all kinds of bugs, birds, and frogs but inside there are no warriors to defend your house unless you have ants which if you do is even a bigger problem.

So how do you deal with the invasion? Pretty simple.

Choose your weapon to get rid of ladybugs:

Chemical Prevention: Commercial pesticide sprays, powders and baits applied several times-summer, fall, and spring- inside and outside your house. All are available locally or from the internet and can be applied by you or a pest control operator and are very effective. There are both chemically toxic and non toxic (organic) types.

How to prevent and get rid of ladybugs naturally:

  • Capture and release...1 ladybug at a time. (for hours)
  • Seal up all small cracks in the foundation and walls where the ladybugs enter and hibernate.
  • (NO COST TIP) Use a vacuum to sweep the ladybugs up.
  • Buy a black light trap to attract ladybugs so you can deal with removal.
  • Buy a powder trap that will catch and terminate the ladybugs by drying them out. These traps are usually not available locally but you can get them from many sites on the internet.