Lizards: How to stop them from visiting


Some of you like lizards...some of you don't.


Lizard control can be summed up easily...Keep your place free from what they eat, and they will go next door or elsewhere.

They eat ants, insects, all those house pests you spray for regularly. don't spray regularly?

Could that be why you have lizards?

Use glue traps where you see them scurry, with the glue trap size bigger than the lizards you are seeing. To release them from the trap ( if you didn't put the trap and critter in a sealed plastic bag and trash it), pour vegetable oil on the glue and then do what you want with the lizard. Purchase glue traps locally.

IN THE GARDEN: You can purchase netting locally to put over those plants that they feed on to get water.


  • (NO COST TIP) Organic home made remedies include spray mixtures of water, cayanne pepper, garlic, and soap.
  • Commercial repellents can be purchased to spray and thus build a chemical barrier or give them a tasting opportunity that they don't like. We must say it again. Sprays you buy to control all the little crawling and flying house pests are your best defense.
  • There is also a product from India called Laximen Rekka chaulk that when you draw a line on the floor, the lizards will not cross, so we are told.
  • Some of these products can be found locally but most of them will be located on the internet.