Mosquitoes: 7 things you must do to prevent them


Mosquitoes. Big ones. Little ones. Some bite. Some don't.

Those that do are females because they need your blood to lay their eggs.

They need just a small amount of stagnant water to breed (unlike the moving water a black fly needs).

If you have a lot of rain, expect a lot of mosquitoes. If you don't....great...because their will be fewer of the blood sucking little devils.

And at dawn and at dusk, they home in on the carbon dioxide (CO2)you breathe out after flying a mile or more searching for a candidate to feed on. And if you are wearing bright colors, they find you quicker.

So how do we prevent or kill these little long legged winged blood collectors?

1.  Remove standing water. Tear down any piles of used tires, cover the kids toys, create drains in stumps, urns, be certain gutters drain...all of these could harbor the larvae of the mosquitoes.

2.  Fog/spray the adults. Fogging an area with pyrethum mixtures or (organic) spraying a garlic pepper and water mixture can kill the adult mosquitoes. Fogging is the method that community spraying programs undertake.

3.  Fog, spray, oil, or Dunk the larvae. When the water area is too large to drain, fog or spray a very thin film of oil on the surface or use a commercial product such as Dunk that uses growth inhibitors to kill mosquito larvae. These products are available locally or on the internet.

4.  Buy fish that eat their larvae. Another alternative is to use fish to eat the larvae. In some areas a fish named Gambusia is used for that purpose.

5.  Get a machine that attracts them. There are many propane and CO2 emitters on the market locally or on the internet web sites that use these fuels to attract the mosquitoes into a trap area where they are killed quickly. 

Mosquitoes: How to get rid of mosquito larvae


Mosquito larvae leave their eggs within 2-3 days to "swim" in water and complete their development into the adults that we all hate to have flying around us.

These mosquito larvae move through the water in a serpentine motion, and are pretty smart because if they sense a shadow or movement, they dive to the bottom to avoid the disturbance.

The larvae prefer shallow water because there is less turbulence and wave action.

After 5-6 days, the larvae develop into a pupa stage that lasts 2-3 more days, and then they become those nasty adults that fly and seek blood to feed on.

                 Eliminate standing water.
Because water is absolutely necessary for mosquito larvae and pupa development,  any containers that can hold water is potentially a home for the mosquito larvae to develop in...remember it only takes about 10 days for them to reach the adult stage.

  • Properly dispose of old tires, cans, bottles, water-collecting rubbish, and other unused or unwanted containers.
  • Eliminate standing pools of water created from tire ruts or similar sites that hold water for more than one week.
  • Avoid excess watering of lawns and gardens.
  • Control seepage from air-conditioning units and        ill-fitting garden hoses.
  • Periodically clean birdbaths, pet dishes, plant pots, rain barrels, and kiddie pools.

Use larvicides to kill mosquito larvae. Such products are available in your local stores and are very effective and safe around other non-target insects, bugs, fish and animals.

To learn more about adult mosquitoes and how to control them click here.

5 Ways to quick kill mosquitoes in car

1. Squish the mosquito or insect against the window, but stop the car first or you may squish yourself like a bug on a tree .

Giant Mosquito That Is Feeding On His Arm

2. Open a window and tell the mosquito to leave and pray that the vacuum created will pull the insect out the window at some point. Of course you can help the bug along with your hands.

3. Grab newspaper and roll it up and bash the little insect if you can. If you can't, stop the car and chase him till you get him.

4. Don't have a newspaper? Then stop at a local store and buy a fly swatter...the most used weapon on earth...and bash the bug to death.

5. If the fly swatter doesn't work and we really don't understand why it won't, buy a can of insect spray and go after the mosquito or insect or bug or bee or whatever has taken over the car. Spray the inside close the door so you don't breathe that terrible killing stuff  yourself and watch and wait for the bug  to expire.

6. Now you can drive again without being attacked.



TIGER MOSQUITO: Alert : How to get rid of them alert

Look closely at the Asian Tiger is a mean one.


Got a bird bath? Yes...Standing water...tiger mosquitoes love it.


Old tires in your yard? Yes...standing water...mosquito breeding heaven.


How about those flower pots? Yes... standing water...tiger mosquito breeding are asking for trouble.


All of these standing water containers are the place for the tiger mosquito and other mosquitoes to breed and do you in...with very bad diseases like West Nile and more.

Did you know the Asian Tiger Mosquito arrived from Japan in a shipment of tires?

Did you know the Asian Tiger Mosquito has a single white stripe down its back?

Did you know the Asian Tiger Mosquito has a whole bunch of black and white stripes on his or her body?

And the way it works is so simple. The 3/16 inch long Asian Tiger Mosquito is hungry, finds you, then bites you and you are his meal and then he kindly may leave you with a disease that you really do not want to have.

See who hungry mosquitoes ate for lunch

So how to get rid of the Asian Tiger mosquito or any mosquito for free is to change your standing water often. Change the standing water so they do not have a place to breed and grow.

Or if you want to spend some money to get rid of the Asian Tiger Mosquito, call in a pest control specialist to spray, tip and refill your bird bath, empty those rain barrel tires and any other containers they see.

But how you fight the tiger mosquito is your call and your wallet.

No standing water nearby. Dump it out. That is the FREE way to fight and stop the Asian tiger invasion.