Nutria: How to get rid of that huge water rat




Water Rat.

Swamp Beaver.

Argentine Beaver.

American Beaver. 

All these names refer to the same animal...the Nutria.

Lets learn about this unusual critter.Nutria Up Close

  • Nutria live up to 20 years
  • Nutria swim using web feet and are strong animals when caught
  • Nutria are brown with yellow to red teeth (incisors)
  • Nutria are mostly active at night
  • Nutria must eat constantly

Why are Nutria considered pests?

  • Nutria destroy trees by girdling them (see picture above)
  • Nutria eat farmers vegetable crops, garden plants, and dig up your grass looking for food
  • Nutria eat vital wetland marsh vegetation until it is gone
  • Nutria will dig holes and burrow everywhere and anywhere making it unsafe to walk
  • Nutria dig holes and nests in levees, water control dikes, thus causing them to fail suddenly
  • And the list goes on and on.

So what does one do to control nutria?Nutria Feeding



  • Taste: Apply a repellent that when applied to a plant or tree tastes bad to nutria, they will stop eating it.
  • Touch: Apply a repellent that will not dry and actually sticks to them and they will go elsewhere.
  • Sound: Sudden sounds activated by their motion work well. Nutria disappear when you move toward them and these sound devices cause the same type of quick response to unusual or sudden sound.
  • Motion: Motion activated water sprayers do a great job in encouraging them to go elsewhere.
  • Fertility control: As far as we know, the use of this method is still experimental and not available to us common folk.
  • Cold: They don't like it and will go to a warmer place. But we haven't learned how anyone has used this to prevent them yet. Make your million by figuring out a way to use it to drive nutria back to South America.


  • Allowing animals including alligators, eagles, turtles, for example to live in the same area can reduce the nutria population.

Live Trapping: Bait with cracked corn or a chemical lure that emits an odor that is a sexual attractant to nutria and makes them walk right into a live trap easily.

  • Snares: Destroy the nutria after catching.
  • Leg hold: Destroy the nutria after catching.
  • Live cage traps: Place the cage traps on land or on a raft floating in the water. Destroy the nutria by drowning or shooting them while the nutria are in the trap or relocate the nutria far far away.

Kill Trapping: Bait with cracked corn.

  • Body grip traps: These traps are designed to kill quickly.

Shooting: Dispatch the nutria safely and legally as applicable in your area.


Pesticides: There are no approved pesticides for nutria pest control.

Poison: There are no approved poisons that kill nutria.

A Really Big Nutria

Trap nutria. Use these traps.

There are many ways to get rid of nutria. Trapping them in a trap is just one of them. These traps are what you use for getting rid of nutria.

Nutria are quite easy to trap

Nutria Traps

Trap for nutria
Body Hold Nutria Trap

Body Grip Traps

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How to get rid of Nutria: ID it...then

So you think you have a Nutria...or you have many Nutria.
Because you have tunnels in the bank or the Nutria collapsed your dam.
First figure out if in fact they are nutria...the worlds largest water rat.
Below are examples of Nutria for you to ID

Nutria With Glowing Orange Teeth
In Groups

Nutria Family Smiling At You

Huge Nutria Droppings

Maybe a sign within several miles of your yard is a clue?
Then get a gun. Or get a trap. Or call a professional trapper.
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