Poison Ivy: The 8 ways that get rid of poison ivy fast

Poison_ivy Poison ivy just shows up whenever it feels like it.

Backyard gardeners and farmers have encountered this pest time and time again forever.

When you were just a child (you must be at least 3), you probably got it on you, itched like crazy and then momma said" do not touch that 3 leaf green plant.

She probably even made you memorize this little rhyme..."Leaves of three, let it be."

Every garden, every yard, even cracks in cement sidewalks let this pest have a home after the birds and deer eject the seeds in their droppings. The visual damage of poison ivy is everywhere, on power poles, fences, and bushes.

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So now you have poison ivy in your garden or in your yard.
Lets learn how to get rid of poison ivy.


1. Cut and mow.
2. Mulch it and bury it deep.
3. Pull it and dig it.
4. Let sheep and goats eat it.
5. You could burn it, but...do not burn it.
Let us say it again.
DO NOT BURN IT. Your lungs are very sensitive to the stuff in the smoke and you can die...yes...die from it.

ORGANICALLY (Non toxic):

6. Repeated cutting the poison ivy at ground level will starve the plant and cause it to die.
7. Smothering the plant with newspapers or carpet placed on top of it will kill the plant as well although it will take longer.


8. Purchase a commercial herbicide that is designed to kill poison ivy. There are many variations including those that leave a visible white or painted foam on the plant when you spray. These are most helpful because you know you hit the plant.

Remember, spray only on days without wind and wear appropriate clothing protection or a preventive skin cream barrier...or you will suffer the itching wrath of a plant that targets humans 365 days a year.