Porcupines: How to stop porcupines from eating your tools


Porcupines are also known as Porkies, Quill pigs and they bark, moan, and low pitched strange noises.
And they have those very sharp quills (used in fishing lures for years). Thousands of quills.

A lot of dogs have learned it the hard way and some of them get a mouthful over and over.

Many of you learned somewhere that they throw their quills.  WRONG. Porcupines do not. But they are slow moving, have poor eyesight, so they are easily dispatched with a shot.

Damage? Well if they find salt from sweat on anything...tools, saddles, shed walls, privy seats, deck furniture, (even car tires where they salt the roads)...they eat it.

They also eat new vegetation, trees, just ask any golf course manager. They sleep all day. They roam at night, rarely seen.

POISONS: There are no approved poisons for porcupines.


  • There are organic commercial liquids usually a mixture with fox urine that you spray on wood that taste bad and they will avoid chewing on that specific place.
  • You can place guards on the trunks of trees.
  • Fences around your garden will stop them.
  • Get a dog: Not a good idea if you have a porcupine infestation. Taking the dog to the vets to remove the quills from its mouth will empty your wallet. But some people rely on their dog to keep them away.

TRAPPING: You can call animal control for help.

  • Live trap and relocate them. Remember they are wanderers, so you need to take them 20 plus miles away (if relocating is legal). Or live trap and then shoot it and keep the quills.
  • Professional Trapper: They solve the problem for you. Look in the phone book or visit a trapper website on the internet for contact information.
  • WARNING: If a porcupine dies under a shed, or your house, or any space where you will be, you are strongly urged to get the critter out of there. A decomposing porcupine really stinks.



Trap porcupines. Use these traps.

Porcupines have to be handled with extreme care. The quills are sharp and can really hurt. So be careful. Like this pit bull was not.Porckupine 1 Pitbull 0

If you want to know more about them...including what animal eats porcupine as a delicacy like a human might eat sushi...just click on porcupine in the left column.

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