Rats and cars: How to get city rats out of your car


How to get and keep the rats out of your car.
Rats can and do a lot of really expensive damage to vehicles every year in New York, Chicago, London, Philadelphia, Houston, Los Angeles, Sydney, Toronto and even in North Metro environments.
And with more and more electronics and wiring in newer cars, the damage potential escalates each year. Many automobiles burn up from the damage rats can do when then make nests and chew the wires creating short circuits.

Rats eat

  • the car seat cushions,
  • chew on the electrical wires in the engine area to sharpen their teeth,
  • the hoses carrying fluids,
  • and build their rat nests in the air intake using the air filter and compartment insulation for bedding in that safe protected area of your vehicle...under the hood.
  • and, they only need 1 day to move into their new home...your car, no matter where you left it...on the street, in the yard, or in the lot at the train station.

Then your car won't start, stinks to high heaven, and even worse, you hear the sound of a rat as he gets chopped up by the car fan...and that blood and guts mess that follows...oh no, not so good.

All of this rat damage can cost you big bucks with your car insurance or directly from your pocket if you are still within your automobile insurance deducible.

So to use the famous quote from Shakespeare...how to get rid of rats or how to kill rats, that is the question.


  • Park your car in a garage that is secure from rat entry.
  • Leave the hood of the car up because they want a secure area, not one that is exposed to predators looking for them.
  • Maintain the area. Trim bushes, cut the lawn, remove wood piles and trash, and unused cars...that is deny them a place to hide and live.
  • Light the area. Again, exposure...they don't want to be seen running to and from the vehicle.
  • Put mothballs in a sock or socks and place them under the hood of the car. The bad part is you also will be driven crazy by the odor every time you drive the vehicle.
  • Put a cloth saturated with fox or bobcat urine under the hood to get rid of the rat quickly.
  • Purchase a commercial rat repel agent and sprinkle it on the floor or ground under the engine compartment of the vehicle.


  • Poison the rats. Commercially sold Zinc Phosphide or anti coagulant baits work slowly but well on rats.
  • Live trap the rats. A cage trap baited with peanut butter or a sticky trap that is of a size designed to catch rats will get them while in the car. Then drown the rats or suffocate them in a plastic bag (trap and rat go in the bag) and then trash them.
  • Call a pest control specialist if you feel you can't handle the killing of rats as you rid them from your car.
  • Finally, call your insurance company and cross your fingers they will share the cost of repairing the damage the rats did to your car.

Trap rats. Use these traps.

Make the rat go away. That is the job. There are many ways to trap rats and if you click on rats in the left column, we will tell you about your choices in rat trapping and a few other things you need to know about rats.

As for trapping rats, these are some of the traps others use to trap rats world wide.

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Victor Electronic RatTrap

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Rats: 10 things that will get rid of country rats and city rats








Rats. Usually crawling around at night. If you see only 1 rat, you will get upset really fast and try to figure out how to get rid of it and all all those you didn't see.

From the time we were kids, we learned that having rats is not a good thing to have hanging around your house because they create unhealthy living conditions.


So how to do get rid of rats or mice right now.

1.  REMOVE RAT FOOD SOURCES: When there is no more easy food to eat, they move on.

  • Do not leave pet dishes outside overnight.
  • Cover garbage cans every night.
  • Install a seed catcher that will contain all seed that drops from your bird feeder.
  • If you have rabbits or birds in pens, cover all food, remove all spillage, keeping the pens clean.
  • In your kitchen, keep it clean, seal all food, leave nothing like bananas out overnight.

2.  REMOVE RAT WATER SOURCES: When they don't have a water source, they move on.

  • Repair all plumbing leaks immediately.
  • Reshape your outside drainage to remove standing water pooling.


  • All three of these animals will seek and try to destroy rats for their fun and you benefit from that.


  • Seal all holes around pipes, vents, foundations, trailer skirts with caulk or wire netting, or boards.


  • Remove places they nest such as old cars, piles of tires, brush piles, compost bins, wood piles, and trim all grass and bushes near the house.

6. INSTALL A COMMERCIAL SONIC DEVICE: These devices emit sounds you will not be able to hear...but they drive the rat out of the area.

  • These devices are effective in the short term but appear to become less effective over time as the rat gets used to the abuse sounds. These and similar devices are available on the internet and sometimes locally.


  • If you can find the burrows leading to their nests, fill it with water and then close the entrance with dirt. Smoke bombs, gas, or other similar remedies are not recommended because the tunnels will likely lead under your house.


9. TRAP THE RATS: Remember they are disease carriers, wear gloves if you touch them. Baits suggested are nut meat, bacon, and dried fruit. The bait should be tied to the trap trigger and the trap placed unset but for several days. This increases the probability that the rat will return to feed and not be afraid of the trap.

  • Snap Traps: The rat is dead. Put rat and trap in plastic bag and place in garbage.
  • Live Traps: The rat or rats are alive. Drown or relocate them far far away.
  • Glue Traps: This is a live trap that they stick to. Drown or place trap and rat in sealed plastic bag and place into trash.
  • Electric Traps: Similar to snap traps, these expensive traps kill 1 at a time.

10. HIRE A PRO: If any of this seems more than you can handle (or stomach), rely on a professional pest control exterminator to do the job for you. Their phone numbers are listed in the local phone directory. These specialists can also be contacted from the information found on their websites on the internet.

The CDC federal government site for mouse and rat control sums it up this way:

For effective Rat and Mouse Control:

Seal Up! Trap Up! Clean Up!