Roaches in Car: How to get rid of roaches

Look under the seat and find these Palmetto bugs


You have bugs in your car. You might even have ants in your car. Not mosquitoes in the car or flies in the car, but roaches that are eating all those food crumbs that fall to the floor when you eat while driving.

The roaches hide well. These bugs hide under the paper trash you have dropped in the car, gum wrappers, coffee cups, and then the bugs hide in your car under the torn floor carpet and between the folds of cloth in your seats of your car.
And you are sitting on them when you drive, because the bugs in the car like to hide under the seat covers.

These roaches just wait for it to get quiet and then late at night in the dark and the car is parked, the roaches, ants and whatever bugs you have living in your car come out and feast on all that leftover food you dropped and left for them...all because you were lazy. But it is your car and you can be as messy as a teenagers bedroom. So lets talk about how to get rid of the bugs in your car.


  • Pick up the trash laying around
  • Use the vacuum at the local car after the trash is picked up.
  • Buy and put a couple of roach hotels (traps) under the seats.
  • After several days, if you still see the droppings of roaches, fumigate.
  • Buy a bug bomb, turn off all electric in the car, disconnect the battery, and follow the directions.
  • Vacuum up the dead roaches.
  • If you still have a professional pest exterminator.
  • If all this doesn't work, sell the car or junk it and you will certainly have discovered how to get rid of the roaches in your car.




Got pests. Don't shy away. You often have to kill pests to get rid of them.
Pest control can be nasty...bloody...mean...and troublesome to your soul.

But if the pest is bothering you bad enough...get rid of the pest quickly, quietly, effectively, and be efficient doing it.
Yes we mean kill it...or send it to another your neighbors yard or house or the vet or give it to someone who cares...but get rid of the pest.

  • Swat the fly...squish
  • Squash the palmetto bug with your foot...snap
  • Squish the caterpillar between your fingers...ugh
  • Burn the maggots with lighter fluid...smelly
  • Drown the mouse in the toilet...flush
  • Smash the bugs one at a time...Japenese Beetles at Lunch

The list goes on and on.