Roly Poly...Sow Bug...Pill Bug...Woodlouse...So many names


Wood Louse...Pill Bug...Sow Bug...Roly Poly

Different names but same bug pest.

Woodlice need moisture to live. They feed on decaying vegetable matter, dead insects, leaves and roots of young plants.

Wood Louse...Pill Bug...Sow Bug...Roly Poly...all are harmless and pose no danger to humans.

You will find a woodlouse under rocks, rotting boards, flower pots, and in rotting vegetation, wherever there is moisture.

Woodlice come indoors mainly during the winter and early spring. Once Woodlice find their way indoors, particularly in warm dry rooms, they will die from water loss within a day or so. They may survive, however, under sink units in kitchens and bathrooms for some days, or even longer, particularly if they have access to food debris.

ORGANIC NON TOXIC CONTROL OF THE Wood Louse...Pill Bug...Sow Bug...Roly Poly...Woodlice can be controlled by, and eliminating damp spots. So simple.

CHEMICAL CONTROL: Use a insecticidal barrier of dust or spray to get rid of this bug who has all these aliases...Wood Louse...Pill Bug...Sow Bug...Roly Poly.

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