Slugs: 9 Ways to kill slugs in your garden


A vegetable garden pest that can eat all your new plants almost as fast as you can plant them or they can grow.

Slugs and snails like the dark. And those cloudy days, or right after it rains...are the times when slugs and snails... eat, eat, eat.
Slugs cut irregular holes in leaves like snails, leave a long silvery trail throughout the yard and garden.

There is no difference between slugs and snails except slugs don't carry their house with them as they eat up your vegetable or ornamental garden or strawberry and other fruit plants.

The questions you have are:

  • How do you get rid of slugs?
  • How do you kill slugs?
  • How do you stop slugs?
  • DIY...Can you make your own trap?
  • Is there an organic pest control to use for slugs?

We have the 9 answers...please click to visit our snail page for those answers. Thank you.