Termites: How to stop them from eating your house

Termites_white_ants_2 Termites...termites...termites (often called white ants). You can't have just 1. If you got them, you have many and many more. And if you have many termites, the army of termites is eating the inside of your house and you don't hear termites, you do not see termites, or smell those termites.

The first time you know you have them is when one of 3 things happen. You have swarming termites, you discover damaged wood, or you find termite shelter tubes going up from the ground or wood over an area that is treated or is masonry that termites have to do a go around.

There are actions you can take to control or eliminate them, but in most cases you should consider professional services available locally or on line because of the potential of very expensive damage from uncontrolled termites.


  • DON'T: No untreated wood touching the house including live or dead plants, bushes, trees, etc.
  • DO: Drain all ground water away from the house foundation.
  • DON'T: No piles of wood or wood related debris near the house.
  • DO: Use treated wood rated for ground contact if wood-ground contact is necessary.
  • DO: Naturally resistant to termites wood such as white cypress, sequoia, or  turpentine tree is an alternative that works well but not perfectly.
  • DO: On new construction, apply a termite barrier (pre-treat the soil) to block their entry.
  • WARNING: Beware if you have a chipmunk infestation, they can tunnel through the barrier and give the termites an entry point.
  • DO: On old construction, an application of toxin by soaking the ground adjacent to the foundation is possible.


  • Bait Stations: Using various methods, bait stations to detect and/or treat termites are placed around the perimeter of the structure by a professional extermination service and checked for activity once a month. Information on this method is available locally or on the internet.
  • Direct Application: You can obtain pesticide products locally or on the internet that kill the termites quickly by direct contact but not always is the entire colony wiped out. These products are applied to either the soil or directly to the wood.
  • Parasitic round worms: This treatment has had limited success and is available if you try hard to find the few businesses that use this treatment program. Because there are but a few local stores that offer this alternative, information off the internet is your best choice.
  • Fumigation: Professionals offer a treatment where they "gas" the entire house to kill the termites. This is not a job for the homeowner. Look in your local phone book or visit a pest control website to get contact information.

Formosan Termites: they eat a house in one day

See a bunch of Formosan termites eating their lunch


How do you get rid of Formosan termites?

How do you kill Formosan termites?

A little background first.
Formosan termites are nasty destructive little critters. Just 1 colony can eat an entire house in one day, well maybe a small house...your big house may take a little longer.

Now that is as fast or faster than your local demolition company can wreck a house...and do Formosan termites have unions?
Lets get back on subject of Formosan termites.

The point is...Formosan termites eat wood very fast. Houses, boats, whatever. Formosan termites are not picky. But they do not eat concrete even though it may look like they do.

And how do they get from place to place? Well their colony controls all the area about 300 feet from their base. But you and I give them a ride.

One of the well known ways Formosan termites travel from state to state is inside used railroad ties that we use for landscaping. We get a deal by phone, drive miles to get the ties, and then bring them home.

Instant condo in a new area for the Formosan termite colony. They live good.

Then in the spring, the Formosan termites fly towards our lights, mate, lose their wings, and settle down onto and then into the ground to start a new colony...a new infestation to get rid of is on the way.

Formosan termites protect themselves by building mud tubes from the ground to wherever the wood meal is...like your floors. These tubes, or soft spots in the wood are indicators you are the host to their colony and they are happy as clams eating their way through, around, and into your house and in our terms...you done got a termite infestation.


Apply a liquid Termiticide (pesticide) all around the house creating a barrier that stops them and kills them ending your termite infestation.

DIGGING TO GET RID OF TERMITES: Drill, dig, anything is OK just so you can apply the pesticide into the earth through a tube, or just pouring...to kill the termites.

Place commercial bait stations around the house or structure and check them regularly. The bait is eaten and slowly kills the colony of termites by stopping their growth or by denying their digestive systems to get energy from their food...and they die. This method is used widely around the world to protect government buildings...and we guess they know the best way to protect their structures from Formosan termite damage.



Termites Cause Loss: Warning: Stop equity losses now!

Home equity losses come at you from many different sides.

One that is overlooked is the depreciation in value from pest damages.

If you let the pests go untreated, termites for example will eat the wood in your walls...and you may not even know they are doing it.

But when you try to sell your home,

and the inspector from the bank comes to inspect your home so you can get a mortgage...

he will find serious problems and

outrageously reduce the value.

So you take a huge loss.

So serious is it that you will need to visit a cash store or find a home equity alternative to raise enough cash to repair the damage.

Many times the damage is so severe that you essentially have a total loss to deal with. Insolvency, maybe not...but you will need an infusion of cash to pay for the repairs that will knock the banker from his chair when you ask for the loan.

Do you get the message yet?

You are worrying about your job,

you are worrying that your house may decease in value,

and you are worrying that you may not be able to pay your bills.

Yet all the while, sight unseen, perhaps termites are munching their fast food lunch like they were at Burger King and what they are eating...is the very structure that holds your house together. Your roof like in the photo may be so eaten...that a total collapse could occur. And that collapse is not just dangerous to whoever lives in the house...but it is also a collapse of your homes equity, your net worth, your primary investment..all of which is going south faster than you ever realized.

Severe Hidden Termite Damage to Roof Trusses


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