Pest Tracks: Recognize pest crime scene clues

You think you have a pest or something living under your shed but you are not sure.Beavertrack

Even worse, you think you have something living under your house but you never catch them coming and going.

How do you figure out whether or not you have something living with you and not paying any rent or just sneaking in and out during the dark time?


They will leave tracks. And how do you see the tracks?

You could bring in a truckload of pretty white or brown play yard sand (ugh heavy) or pray for snow (hmmm) or use water to make some mud (maybe) or use:

         Baby Powder or Talcum Powder

Sprinkle it lightly wherever you think a pest is coming and going...and you will know the answer quickly.

Then we encourage you to discover how to get rid of the pest on the other pages of this site.