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Bees: Good for the honey and Bad for their stings






















BEES: There are many different kinds, bees, wasps, yellow jackets, all non threatening normally. But when they move in close to your space, upset your daily routine, you reach a point where you can't tolerate them any more...they become a pest and you control them all nearly the same way.

  • Honey bees: A problem starts when they build the hive or nest in your wall or ceiling or roof. You get swarms of bees, the honey attracts ants and others to dine, and the honey can run from the nest and create a mess.
  • Bumblebees, Sweat Bees, Mining Bees, and Leaf cutting Bees: The problem is apparent when you step on their nest in the ground and they sting to defend their nest. It is only when that nest location conflicts with you that they must be dealt the fatal blow.

If you need to kill them, use a commercial dust or liquid or spray mixture of deltamethorin, applied at night using a red lens flashlight to apply the dust. In the instance of the honey bee, you must remove the nest after they are killed because the honey and wax will attract other critters that you don't feed.

For honeybees, it may be easier for you to get a beekeeper to remove the bees and an exterminator to remove the nest. Your local telephone book is one place to look for contact numbers or visit web sites on the internet for contact and necessary helpful information.

For more pest control information on the other kinds of stinging pests, please visit the page about wasps and the page about yellow jackets.