Water Hyacinth: The pest

Water Hyacinth clogs up a waterway

Water hyacinth.
A beautiful plant with a pretty flower that can go really really bad as it spreads so fast you can almost see it grow. It creates dense free floating mats and can root in the mud if necessary to live.

Yes...it is invasive nuisance, but not illegal to buy for your pond in most places. At this time 3 states prohibit its sale. It does not survive the cold weather so the northern climates are free from its "clogging" behavior.


  • Don't put it in your water, but if you have it, pulling it out by hand is easy. Place the removed plant in a plastic bag, seal it and trash it.
  • Manatees eat it but you can't bring them to your waterway easily or legally.
  • Three insects and a moth are known to eat water hyacinth and are used to control and manage extreme situations, however there is question as to whether this has introduced another invasive incidence.


  • A foliage spray can be used to kill it but beware...be careful as it could harm other plants.