Use Odor to Stop Pests

DIY LOW COST TIP: It is reported to us that a small cup of "flowers of sulfur" burned in a crawl space will get rid of a skunk, groundhog, or other pest out so that you can seal up the opening thereafter. It is also reported that the sulfur smell goes away quickly. You get it from a garden store or find it on the internet.
HMMMM. We don't know if it is a old wives tale or it really it works but if it does it is a low cost way to get rid of them. 


Next Tip 24/08: Noise Stops Beavers


This week a note about how to get rid of beavers with noise and why they build their dams higher and higher.

When beavers build their DIY dams it is to stop the flow of water and beavers do it primarily based on sounds. In fact, if you put a speaker with the sound of flowing water on the side of the pond where there is no water flowing outflow, they will build a dam there. So if you can address the sound component, you can control the beavers and their dam building much better.

  • If you put a large pipe through the dam with the intake to the pipe 20ft or so up from the dam and the other end of the pipe below the dam significantly, beavers usually will not realize that the water intake is not being blocked, and because the beavers don't hear the sound of any more water flowing at their dam, the beavers stop building.
  • There are many other ways to control and get rid of beaver dams, and we address them under our beaver pest category.

A note you will enjoy. Several years ago in Maine, we had to break apart a small beaver dam over a month or so and but never saw the beavers in action. We admired how good they were at using small rocks and logs and mud to rebuild what we tore apart.

Walking in quietly one weekend evening, we saw our beaver. He was kneeling in the water, his sneakers neatly on the bank, weaving logs and stones and pushing mud between them. When we approached, he just looked at us and kept working.

We asked him to stop and his answer was that the beavers were busy and had to finish rebuilding the area we had removed earlier.

We learned who he was later, a nearby resident of a group home, mentally retarded and who was responding to the challenge on behalf of the local beaver population.
How we finally got him to stop is a story for another day. Tip 25/08: Mint Stops Mice

We heard about another method used to get rid of mice from an area that a family has been using for years successfully at their vacation home.

(NO COST DIY TIP) Get rid of mice by making small bags out of cloth or pantyhose and then filling them with crushed dried peppermint leaves. If you take these bags and put them in the many small out of sight areas throughout the house or camper, you will discover that the mice will not take up residence and you get rid of the mice. Tip 26/08: Aftershave Stops Squirrels

This week is about how to get rid of squirrels in your house. We have been told that when squirrels use your chimney as a squirrel route to get in and out of your house, that the solution to stop the squirrels is easy as pie and is non-toxic as well.

NO COST TIP: Just spray aftershave up your chimney.

Does it work? It is easier than trapping and shooting a squirrel when it does. And it is certainly hundreds less expensive than buying and installing a chimney cap with a screen and cover. Tip 27/08: Vinegar Stops Ants

Vinegar. A secret pest agent used by generations of farmers for so many things. But we are talking about ants this week and what vinegar can do to get rid of ants.

Spray vinegar around all home entries...doors, windows, under cabinets, under your washer and drier and other gadgets you have sitting on the floor. If you see aline of ants marching to their food and water, spray vinegar and you will disrupt their formation quickly and the others will march in a different direction quickly avoiding the area you sprayed. To learn why you have ants, how to kill ants, how to stop ants, and how to get rid of ants, please read our page about ants.