Woodpeckers: How to legally get rid of woodpeckers

Woodpecker_puts_hole_in_utility_p_2 Woodpeckers.     "WOODY WOODPECKER"

Woodpeckers just can't be pests....WRONG.

Look at these pictures and the list of "wrongs".

  • Drilling holes in telephone and power poles...very expensive to fix.
  • Drilling cavities for nests in house siding...repair is expensive.
  • Drumming on the side of your house for hours...mind blowing.
  • Drilling holes that circle your ornamental trees...expensive to replace.



  • Taste: Hole fillers designed to repel woodpeckers are available for the homeowner to apply in holes and its taste to the woodpecker deters them from continuing to drill in that area. Also you can purchase a additive for exterior paints and stains that does the taste repelling thing to the woodpeckers.
  • Odor: Sprays are available that emit an odor after an area is saturated that is repulsive to birds and sends them packing.
  • Vision: Mylar and holographic tape strips are available to use to get rid of woodpecker...deterrence when the woodpecker sees himself on the reflective surface. Forget decoys, they don't work.
  • Sound: Sonic emitting devices can be purchased and setup to emit a predator sound to frighten woodpeckers from an area. Other types of "frightening" devices also can be purchased.
  • Netting: Netting can be placed or hung temporarily over the area the woodpeckers are damaging and deny them easy access.
  • Trapping: Traps usually a net type device are available to catch woodpeckers but you need to be cunning to get them and then you need to legally deal with the woodpecker after you catch them.


  • There are no poisons that are legal to use on woodpeckers.

They are protected by the Federal Government.

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